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Texas Memory Systems Resets the Bandwidth Bar to 8-GBytes/s in the Flash Based RamSan-630 with New 8-Gb Fibre Channel Interfaces

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- New 8-Gb Fibre Channel Interfaces double bandwidth and enables faster responses for time critical database applications with the Flash based RamSan-630 without the need to upgrade the FC network in the data centre
- This provides the highest sustained FC bandwidth in a single 3U storage appliance

Texas Memory Systems, Inc., maker of the World's Fastest Storage®, has upgraded its RamSan-630 Flash storage system with the availability of the FC-381 8-Gigabit (8-Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) Interface. This interface doubles the bandwidth previously available to FC RamSan-630 users. Used in performance-critical applications, the RamSan-630 and FC-381 can remove storage Input/Output bottlenecks and allow time critical applications to run faster.

"Many Enterprise applications, such as Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Resource Planning are bandwidth intensive and will benefit from the performance achieved with Flash storage," said George Crump, Chief Analyst at Storage Switzerland. "By adding 8-Gb Fibre Channel Interfaces, Texas Memory Systems can dramatically accelerate these critical applications with a broadly supported industry standard."

The 8-Gb Fibre Channel protocol is supported by a wide variety of switches, host bus adapters (HBAs), and now the RamSan-630. In an existing Fibre Channel network, the RamSan-630 and FC-381 provide a simple plug and play solution. The system supports Point-to-Point, Switched Fabric, and Arbitrated Loop topologies, and is interoperable with all major Fibre Channel HBAs, switches, and virtualisation devices. It also supports LUN masking and SNMP web-based unit management.

The true hallmark of the RamSan-630 is its performance. Most traditional RAID systems, either disk-based or SSD-based, offer only a few 8-Gb FC ports. A fully populated RamSan-630 system offers 10 independent 8-Gb FC ports for a total data transfer rate of 8-GBytes/s. It is also space-efficient, providing up to 10 terabytes of Flash-based storage in a standard 3U rack-mounted enclosure.

Now users have two high-performance options for connecting to a RamSan-630 - the previously announced IB-381 QDR InfiniBand Interface, and the new FC-381 8-Gb Fibre Channel Interface. The RamSan-630 can accept five interfaces of either variety, for a total bandwidth of either 8-GBytes/s (FC) or 10-GBytes/s (IB). The FC-381 and the IB-381 each utilise an embedded 1-GHz processor, a dedicated high-performance FPGA, and 128-megabytes of flow control memory to maintain data rates at near wire speeds.

"At Texas Memory Systems, we take pride in our ability to develop the highest performance solid state disks on the market." said Jamon Bowen, Director of Sales Engineering at Texas Memory Systems. "In order to take advantage of the very high bandwidth inherent in Flash chips, the RamSan-630, the FC-381, and the IB-381 were specifically designed to support extreme Flash bandwidth with no compromises. Now the user can take maximum advantage of this Flash bandwidth to accelerate applications."

The new FC-381 for the RamSan-630 is immediately available. Additional information and self-service price quotes are immediately available at

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