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TI responds to thriving VoIP market with new MOVE voice engine supporting customizable applications for next-generation IP phones and IP-enabled devices

(PresseBox) (Dallas , ) Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] offers equipment manufacturers another option to further innovate their IP phone and VoIP device offerings with the announcement of its Modular Open Voice Engine (MOVE) software, a flexible voice solution ported to run on TI's TMS320C64x+(TM) digital signal processor (DSP) core. MOVE is a highly optimized system software architecture that enables equipment manufacturers to meet the next-generation processing requirements for a broad range of IP-enabled devices utilizing a field-proven voice engine. The increased processing performance of TI's DSP devices in conjunction with the new MOVE software architecture allow IP phone manufacturers to easily and cost effectively add value to their offerings and fully customize high-quality voice, video, and multimedia capabilities for their customers.

"This is the type of open software architecture that will enable equipment manufacturers to gaze beyond the realm of IP phones and traditional VoIP devices and expand their capabilities for adding voice to a host of different consumer electronics," said Norm Bogen, senior director of research at In-Stat. "I see some unique opportunities down the road for electronics manufacturers to leverage the flexibility, increased processing power and open architecture of TI's MOVE software to incorporate high quality voice in a myriad of next-generation devices, from home appliances to portable entertainment gadgets."

Since 1999, TI has developed field-ready, robust voice software solutions that support high-performance, feature-rich IP phone platforms. Equipment manufacturers looking to add value to their VoIP-enabled platforms can use TI's MOVE software as the core to build and customize applications including addition of unique codecs, proprietary acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), or customized video and multimedia components.

"TI's MOVE software architecture makes the dream of enabling voice on every IP device a reality by equipping customers with a solution that allows them to customize their own software on top of what TI already provides," said Fred Zimmerman, director of CPE voice solutions for TI's communications infrastructure and voice business. "By porting our robust, field-proven voice to run on the C64x+ DSP, TI is enabling equipment manufacturers to significantly increase the functionality of their application offerings with less investment and risk, and to build a roadmap for the future of voice-enabled IP devices."

TI is a leading supplier of VoIP silicon and software technology and has shipped over 750 million VoIP ports to date for the IP phone, customer premise equipment (CPE) gateway and high-density infrastructure markets.

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