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TI Simplifies LCD TV Power System Design with TPS40K™ DC/DC Controller

Easy-to-Use Controller Supports Input Voltage Ranges from 4.5 V to 20 V

(PresseBox) (Freising, ) Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a flexible, synchronous buck controller that simplifies power management design of LCD TVs and IP set-top boxes that use digital signal processors (DSPs) and FPGAs. See

TI’s new TPS40195 highperformance controller provides several features to enhance the power performance of a 4.5-V to 20-V system. For instance, the device uses the input voltage available for power conversion as its bias supply, eliminating the need for additional voltages to power the integrated circuit. The TPS40195, which comes in a 16-pin TSSOP package, also can switch 180° out of phase when the bidirectional synchronization pin is used as an output to other buck controllers. This reduces bulk capacitance and saves board space and cost when using 5-V and 12-V power supplies. In addition, the TPS40195 lowers electromagnetic interference (EMI) when the pin is used as an input connected to a master clock.

The controller provides excellent current detection at low duty cycles and limits energy into the system with an overcurrent sensing feature for both high- and lowside MOSFETs. The TPS40195 also supports control and protection features, such as shutdown control, power good output, adjustable undervoltage lockout, selectable digital soft start, programmable closedloop soft start and shortcircuit protection.

Power system designers can optimize the TPS40195 for efficiency or solution size by programming the switching frequency from 250 kHz to 600 kHz, or the controller can be synchronized via an external clock. By integrating the bootstrap diode, the device reduces system cost and saves board space.

5-A SWIFT™ Converter for Digital TV and Set-Top Box Designs TI also introduced the TPS5450, a new 5-A, nonsynchronous stepdown converter if a designer wants to further reduce complexity and external component count in their endequipment design. The newest SWIFT™ DC/DC converter integrates a lowresistance, highside N-channel MOSFET, and provides tight voltage regulation accuracy under transient conditions. Available in an easy-to-use, eightpin SOIC PowerPad™ package, the TPS5450 supports a wide input voltage range of 5.5 V to 36 V and features a low shutdown quiescent current of 18 µA. See

Availability, Packaging and Pricing The new TPS40195 and TPS5450 controllers are available in volume from TI and its authorized distributors. Suggested retail pricing per quantities of 1,000 units begins at $1.50 each for the TPS40195 and $2.25 each for the TPS5450. TI’s easy-to-use SwitcherPro™ software, evaluation modules and application notes are available through

Analog and Digital Solutions for Digital TV TI offers a wide range of complementary highperformance analog and digital signal processor (DSP) products for digital TVs, including digital media processors, video decoders, PurePath DigitalTM audio amplifiers and power management. TI provides the silicon, software, systems expertise and support for the entire video signal chain, enabling customers to get to market quickly.

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