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New GStreamer plug-in from Texas Instruments provides a uniform open source multimedia framework for OMAP35x processors and DaVinciTM technology

Embedded Linux developers can reuse software library code to save time and get multimedia products to market faster

(PresseBox) (Houston, ) Minimizing the complexity of software integration with a uniform open source multimedia framework, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a new GStreamer plug-in for developers designing with OMAP35x processors and digital media processors based on DaVinci(TM) technology. With the new GStreamer plug-in, embedded Linux developers can leverage an open source library to incorporate audio and video playback, audio and video synchronization and recording capabilities into their designs.

The plug-in helps optimize systems to utilize the hardware accelerators or the digital signal processor (DSP) for processing-intensive tasks, such as video and audio decoding/encoding. This frees the ARM® to handle other tasks so developers can deliver a feature-rich multimedia experience with improved Web browsing and video streaming through products such as media players, video editors and capture encoders. Additionally, the plug-in builds on top of TI's digital video software development kits (DVSDK) to leverage TI's codec engine. The same plug-in code can be re-used across TI's OMAP35x, TMS320DM355, TMS320DM644x and TMS320DM6467 processors (

GStreamer plug-in key features and benefits:

- Uniform framework allows for code re-use across TI's processors based on DaVinci technology (DM644x, DM355 and DM6467) and OMAP35x devices
- An extensible, industry-standard and open source framework allows developers to easily incorporate their own modules or interface with hundreds of community plug-ins (muxers, demuxers, codecs and filters)
- Pipeline engine allows developers to create custom workflows and omits need to write a new application for each use-case
- Plug-in leverages TI's eXpressDSP(TM) Digital Media (xDM)-based elements for plug-and-play codecs, which eliminates need for custom code per codec
- An open source portal enables collaborative development with the community

Support and tools

The TI GStreamer plug-in can be downloaded at Customers can use open source resources (mailing lists and forums) for support. For detailed support or custom features, RidgeRun, a member of the TI Developer Network (, is available for contract support.

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