Interoperability Test Automation Prototype Tested & Accepted

Berlin (Germany), (PresseBox) - TETRA's Interoperability Test Automation prototype (ITA) was tested and accepted during a validation session running May 11-12, 2010 in Berlin. The tests included functional testing of the prototype scripts and were supported with a number of observers by Motorola, EADS and Fjordedesign.

The Interoperability Test Automation prototype proved to be reliably capable of automated test execution and automatic log file analysis. Among others, a test case with up to 8 radio terminals and 2 base stations was performed. This test setup could be easily handled by the prototype. The tool showed great flexibility. Scripts, for instance, could be modified very fast to test alternative scenarios.

Testing Technologies delivered the scripting engine that enables the TETRA Association to develop and run a certification scheme for the Peripheral Equipment Interface (PEI). TTworkbench, Testing Technologies test automation flagship, provides an efficient environment for the development and execution of automated tests. It supports precertification tests as well as selfcertification, or test lab based certification schemes. Furthermore the certification environment can be extended in order to be used within an overall quality assurance process.

A demo of the Interoperability Test Automation prototype will be shown at the TETRA World Congress running May 25-27, 2010 in Singapore.

About TETRA Association

TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) is a worldwide standard for secure mobile voice and data critical communications for professional users which has been implemented in over 100 countries worldwide. TETRA was specifically designed for use by government agencies, emergency services, (police forces, fire departments, ambulance), rail transportation staff, transport services and the military. TETRA is an ETSI standard with its first version published in 1995. TETRA is endorsed by the European Radio Communications Committee (ERC).

The TETRA Association leads the global development and promotion of TETRA critical communications for professional users. The TETRA Association represents the interests of its Members by working to develop, enhance and champion TETRA technology and complementary technologies, ensuring the delivery of secure, robust and reliable communications both now and in the future.

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The Testing and Test Control Notation TTCN-3 is a modern, powerful test specification and test implementation language that supports all kinds of blackbox testing. TTCN-3 was developed at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and is the only standardized test specification language (also adopted at ITU-T).

TTCN-3 stands out with over 20 years of experience in test specification and test automation. Being an international, open and maintained standard with standardized interfaces, extensibility is built in. This unique scripting technology comes with an unmatched feature set enabling you to create powerful test environments. Many enterprises worldwide organize their core testing processes around TTCN-3.

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Testing Technologies IST GmbH

Testing Technologies designs and markets a variety of readytorun test solutions for commercial, proprietary or PC based test systems. Our goal is to enhance your test system to become the ultimate tester experience.

Testing Technologies helps you creating highquality products by highquality testing. Our solutions enable test automation across technologies, development phases and all types of testing. With a wide range of services, our experts support you in all phases of your test lifecycle. As a market leader in customeroriented testing for standardsbased technologies, Testing Technologies is dedicated to TTCN-3 only. Together with ETSI, we guarantee durability and continuous improvement of standardized test solutions to secure your investments.

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