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TEMIS Offers a Smooth Migration Opportunity for Inxight’s Customers Affected by Business Objects Recent Acquisition.

TEMIS makes available its acclaimed Text Analytics solutions to all Inxight’s customers requesting high-quality unstructured information discovery and analysis.

(PresseBox) (Saint Martin d'Hères, ) TEMIS, the leader in Text Analytics software, today announced a special migration program for customers and partners potentially impacted by the acquisition of
Inxight by Business Objects. With this welcome incentive, TEMIS aims at enabling customers to smoothly and successfully transition to a highly reputable technology based on the same Xerox antecedents, the renowned XFST (Xerox® Finite State Transducers) from the Xerox® Labs.

Indeed, Inxight and TEMIS are the only two rightful heirs of Xerox legendary linguistic technology,
since Inxight spun off Xerox Research Centre in Palo Alto and TEMIS acquired Xerox Linguistics products and operations in 2003.

“With this recent market change TEMIS becomes the largest pure Text Analytics independent software vendor”, said Eric Brégand, CEO of TEMIS. “TEMIS is highly committed to the unstructured data analysis market. It now becomes our mission to propose to concerned customers an obvious and
immediate alternative.”

TEMIS XeLDA® is a comprehensive and massively scalable multilingual linguistic platform that analyzes unstructured documents in order to automatically exploit their content. Based on a patent protected technology developed through 20 years of R&D, TEMIS XeLDA® provides advanced linguistic services such as Language Identification, Part of Speech Tagging, Noun Phrase Extraction, Entity Extraction and Semantic Extraction as well as Classification and Visualization.

“Thanks to our common roots, TEMIS offers along with XeLDA® a natural plug-and-play replacement
of Inxight”, added Eric Brégand.


TEMIS is a leading provider of Text Analytics and Text Mining solutions, addressing the unstructured data management needs of corporations and governments in Europe and the United States.

TEMIS solutions help thousands of users everyday accessing business critical information in a timely manner, using concepts and meaning extraction, automatic classification and relationships representation. TEMIS solutions present factual information rather document lists and contribute to reduce information overload.

Global 1000 companies and governments have chosen to implement TEMIS solutions in various environments where information processing is critical such as Competitive Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Scientific Intelligence, IP management or Human Resources.

TEMIS technology provides superior results, using its award-winning and patent protected linguistic technology as well its packaged Skill Cartridges® for domain-specific analysis. TEMIS linguistic technology is today available in 20 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.