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BNP Paribas Brings Semantics to their Data with TEMIS Text Analytics Solutions

BNP Paribas provides users with immediate access to relevant information using TEMIS technology in their economic information portal, LEOnard.

(PresseBox) (Paris, ) TEMIS, leading provider of Text Analytics software solutions for the Enterprise and BNP Paribas, a European leader in banking and financial services, announced today that they have entered a major software licence and services agreement. BNP Paribas has chosen TEMIS acclaimed Text Analytics solution to bring value to their document assets and ensure the best quality of strategic information processing and analysis within LEOnard, their economic information portal.

Everyday, the economic and financial analysts of the banking group have to capture key information about companies and markets to follow up on their economic situation and latest news as well as to understand macroeconomic data supporting their analyses and reports. This collection of strategic information enables analysts to anticipate changes affecting a country’s economics, monetary policies of central banks and risks/opportunities for emerging markets.
To allow their decision-makers to gain time during data collection and interpretation steps, BNP Paribas built an economic information search portal able to provide a single entry point access to heterogeneous information sources (internal and external) and to power advanced analytics for data interpretation.

The project team part of the Economic Studies Department of BNP Paribas has appointed a skilled and highly specialized group of software vendors to build LEOnard. Polyspot Enterprise Search powers the information search, KBCrawl automates information harvesting from the web and TEMIS is responsible for all value-added information processing and analysis features.

“We rapidly became convinced of the dynamism and professionalism of TEMIS teams and our partnership is very positive”, explains Michel Bernardini, Project Manager, Economic Studies, BFI, BNP Paribas. “TEMIS Text Mining solution has been integrated into LEOnard and brings an important added-value to the huge volume of documents we need to take into consideration. In a few clicks, users access a structured, filtered and navigable information panorama, highlighting relevant information with its topic facets.”

Several components of Luxid® information intelligence solution have been integrated into LEOnard.
- Luxid® Annotation Factory is an information extraction solution which automatically identifies relevant entities and relationships from multilingual documents. It works with two standard modules:
o Text Mining 360° Skill Cartridge™ extracts names entities, such as names of people, companies, organizations, products, locations, amounts, currencies, …
o Competitive Intelligence Skill Cartridge™ extracts financial, commercial, and stock information, as well as all the information related to mergers and acquisitions, joint- ventures, research strategies or innovations.

“TEMIS went on board with BNP Paribas’s Economic Studies team with the firm commitment to make LEOnard a success within the group”, said Guillaume Mazières, VP Sales & Marketing of TEMIS. “We deployed highly innovative capabilities for analysis, interpretation and highlighting of results, allowing for a richer navigation experience and turning text into knowledge for each and every user.”

About BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas is a European leader in banking and financial services, and ranks among the world's top 15 banks by market capitalization. It has 150 000 employees, almost 120 000 of whom are based in Europe. The group occupies leading positions in three significant fields of activity: Corporate and Investment Banking, Asset Management & Services and Retail Banking. It is present in 85 countries and has a strong presence in all the key financial centres. Present throughout Europe, in all its business lines, France and Italy are its two domestic markets in retail banking. BNP Paribas enjoys a significant and growing presence in the United States and leading positions in Asia and in emerging markets.


TEMIS is a leading provider of Text Analytics and Text Mining solutions, addressing the unstructured data management needs of corporations and governments in Europe and the United States.

TEMIS solutions help thousands of users everyday accessing business critical information in a timely manner, using concepts and meaning extraction, automatic classification and relationships representation. TEMIS solutions present factual information rather document lists and contribute to reduce information overload.

Global 1000 companies and governments have chosen to implement TEMIS solutions in various environments where information processing is critical such as Competitive Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Scientific Intelligence, IP management or Human Resources.

TEMIS technology provides superior results, using its award-winning and patent protected linguistic technology as well its packaged Skill Cartridges® for domain-specific analysis. TEMIS linguistic technology is today available in 20 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.