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Symrise to invest in green cosmetics

(PresseBox) (Holzminden, ) Corporation to become exclusive distributer of Bayliss Ranch organically grown plant extracts / 22 organic plant extracts certified by ECOCERT. Cosmetic and body-care products which contain organic ingredients are growing more and more popular. Symrise, one of the world's leading suppliers of fragrances and flavorings as well as cosmetic raw materials, active ingredients and botanicals, has now dramatically expanded its portfolio of organic plant extracts.

As of July 1, 2008 Symrise has become the exclusive distributer for a series of water-soluble plant extracts made by Californian company Bayliss Ranch. The AllPlant Essence® line consists of botanicals from sources that are 100% organic. Bayliss Ranch developed a process which is a protected trade secret; this special method of steam extraction captures the volatile aromatic constituents of plants (including, amongst others, lavender, rose geranium, sage and peppermint). The resulting aqueous solutions can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic formulations such as hair- and skin-care products, bath products and mouthwashes.

AllPlant Essence® is 100% organic and contains no synthetic additives; this has been confirmed by the certification it received from Quality Assurance International as part of the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP).

Symrise will not only become the international exclusive distributer of AllPlant Essence®, it will also work with Bayliss Ranch to develop new components based on organically grown plants.

The AllPlant Essence® extracts are the perfect complement to Symrise's extensive range of organic botanicals.

In May 2008, the internationally recognized ECOCERT certificate was awarded to 22 botanicals from the Extrapone®/Neo Extrapone and Actipone®/Neo Actipone series.

ECOCERT is an international independent organization which certifies and monitors cosmetic products for their environmental and organic quality. The ECOCERT seal guarantees that a substance is of natural origin, organic and gently processed.

The ECOCERT seal for natural and organic cosmetics has been awarded to different extracts of plants, teas, herbs and fruits, including ten which are 100% organic. Like everything in the Extrapone® and Actipone® portfolio, these certified products can be used in nearly every kind of cosmetics and body care application.

For over seven years, Symrise has supplied the international cosmetic industry with botanicals from controlled biological cultivation.

According to Dr. Klaus Stanzl, President, Scent & Care, Global Life Essentials, the demand for natural and organic ingredients will continue to rise in the future. "Consumers are increasingly aware of their social and ecological responsibility. They want products made of natural, sustainable and environmentally compatible substances. The demand for botanicals which come from controlled biological cultivation will keep growing, especially in Europe and the US, but also in Australia and Asia. As a global corporation, the issue of environmental compatibility is an important one, even before you take market developments into account. All of the plants used in our Organic Extrapone® and Organic Actipone® portfolio come from controlled biological cultivation at their original sites. With Bayliss Ranch, we have found a partner that supports our goals in an ideal way: not only by guaranteeing top quality for our clients, but by demonstrating responsibility for the resources our products are based on."

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