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Astra Sweets Uses Survey Anyplace Mobile Survey Tool to Generate Real-time Customer Insights

Astra Sweets collects first-hand consumer feedback and images at the time of experience

(PresseBox) (Antwerp & Turnhout, Belgium, ) Astra Sweets gets creative and high tech to collect first-hand consumer feedback using Survey Anyplace's mobile survey tool.

"We wanted to ask consumers specific questions about our Frisia Mini Marshmallows packaging," says Eline van Muilwijk, Marketing Manager at Astra," so using the candy box itself to solicit their input made a lot of sense." Van Muilwijk's team printed a QR code and URL on 20,000 inexpensive black-and-white labels they adhered to the front of their colorful boxes, eliminating the need for special retailer cooperation. The contrasting label signalled to consumers that there was something special for them to do.

Customers shared real-time, multimedia feedback-product in hand. They used their smartphones and tablets to scan the stickers' QR code or enter its URL to take a short survey in exchange for a free box of candy. The QR code and URL took consumers directly to a survey built specifically for mobile devices. Their mobiles allowed them to access our survey instantly, without even having to install an app. Using a mobile survey gave Astra immediate responses, which they monitored in real time as the results were uploaded instantly. The survey also invited consumers to take a photo of how they liked eating the product.

"We designed Survey Anyplace to be simple to use from both the consumer and surveyor perspective," said Stefan Debois, CEO of Survey Anyplace Mobile Surveys. "Integrating the features of the mobile itself enables the capture of unique information that cannot be collected with traditional survey tools."

"The whole effort-with the photos and real-time responses, and how quickly, inexpensively and painlessly we created and implemented the mobile survey-couldn't have gone better," Muilwijk concludes. "We not only tripled our expected response rate, but we also collected email addresses for yet more brand-building and customer engagement."

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