See You at ITMA 2007 in Munich

SUESSEN exhibits in Hall A6 / Booth 315/414

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ITMA Munich 2007 is the event of the year for textile machinery manufacturers. We from the SUESSEN Management team are looking forward to welcome you and your colleagues to our booth.

As a Pioneer in Compact Spinning Technology, SUESSEN is the acknowledged Technology Leader and the most successful provider of Compact Spinning Systems to the market:

We are very happy to announce the ceremonial handover of the SUESSEN Award to GTN Textiles Group/ India - Sri B.K.Patodia / Chairman. Out of more than 2,300,000 EliTe®Compact Spindles worldwide we recently delivered to India the 1,000,000th – our esteemed customer GTN received both, the very first and the 1,000,000th EliTe®Compact Spindle in the Indian Market.

We cordially invite you to the ceremonial handover scheduled for Saturday, September 15, 2007, on the premises of ITMA Munich, Hall A6, Booth 315/414 at 4.00 pm.

SUESSEN Exhibits at ITMA Munich 2007

Significant Innovations Our new generation EliTwist®CompactSet V5, mounted on a Rieter G 5/1 ring spinning machine, will process 100% cotton into EliTwist®Yarn Ne 100/2 (compact two-ply yarn directly from the ring spinning machine) at 22.000 rpm. The system is equipped with the new HP-GX 3010 Top Weighting Arm and,

- COREflex – the new SUESSEN Core Yarn System for ring spinning machines in Compact Spinning and conventional ring spinning
- 5star®Tube – the new EliTube design
- 5star®plus – the new lattice apron for short staple compact spinning
- EliVAControl V.2 – Monitoring of the suction power
- EliVario – frequency controlled drive of the EliVAC Suction System
- HP-GX-AC “Active Cradle” – new cradle for HP-GX 3010 Top Weighting Arm

The new HP-GX Top Weighting Arm Family now is complete:
- HP-GX 4010 – for roving frames HP-GX 5010 – for worsted spinning frames

In Premium Parts the ProFiL®Family will be enhanced by the
- ProFiL®Navels

Further developments:
- Trash Channel Modernization for SE 9 Autocoro rotor spinning machines SOLIDRING with CR-Coating

At SUESSEN, we feel that we are truly able to differentiate our products from those of the competition.

At the upcoming ITMA, we want to demonstrate:
- Our Technology Leadership in spinning
- The excellent SUESSEN product range
- The many benefits we provide for our customers in terms of improved technology and productivity
- Impressive return on investments achieved by the acquisition of modernization packages

SUESSEN - The Leader in Compact Ring Spinning and Rotor Spinning Technology

At SUESSEN, we make considerable investments in continuous R & D, combined with applied research that is directly carried out at our customers’ mills. This ensures that we are able to further develop our technical and technological components in both an uncompromising and resolute manner. In particular, we focus on universal applicability, improved yarn quality, increased service life, reduced maintenance and proven reliability in industrial application.

Our power in developing our products is evidenced by the most recent developments in compact ring spinning, such as EliTwist® and EliCoreTwist® and the state-of-the-art Open-End SpinBoxes for the OEMs RIETER and SAVIO.

Compact Ring Spinning Technology

The SUESSEN EliTe®Compact Spinning System was first introduced to the market at ITMA '99 in Paris. In a short period of time, it achieved a reputation as being the most versatile compact spinning system. To date, the EliTe®Compact Spinning is running on over 2,300,000 ring spindles worldwide which represents about 45% of the total market of compact ring spindles.

The Compact Ring Yarn, providing revolutionary improvements in all yarn parameters, has already established new ring yarn quality standards. Furthermore, it has proven its important cost effective advantages in the ring spinning process and in downstream processes. The final result of using EliTe®Compact Yarn is an unparalleled improvement in the quality of the textile end product.

Latest developments are the optional applications
- EliVAControl V.2: Monitoring of the EliVAC vacuum system
- EliVario: frequency controlled drive of the EliVAC vacuum system
- COREflex: the Core Yarn System for ring spinning machines in compact spinning and conventional ring spinning

EliTe®CompactSet is available for all volume models and types of ring spinning machines.

Open-End Rotor Spinning Technology

The well-known Open-End SpinBox family SE 7/ 8/ 9/ 10 was designed and manufactured by SUESSEN. The latest SpinBox types, the SC Compact SpinBox and the SQ Quality SpinBox, have already been used to modernize over 700 Autocoro rotor spinning machines thus making SUESSEN is the leading supplier of modernization equipment for Open-End rotor spinning machines.

With the SC 2 / SQ 2 SpinBoxes have specifically designed SpinBoxes for spinning synthetic fibres.
- Yarn quality is considerably improved
- An average production increase of about 25% (in some cases even 40%) and a dramatic reduction of the ends-down rate is feasible
- Rotor speeds up to (and at times exceeds) 135,000 rpm, and delivery speeds of up to 220 m/min are often achievable
- Production costs are reduced

The RIETER R 40 rotor spinning machine is equipped with the SUESSEN SC-R SpinBox. The SAVIO FlexiRotorS 3000/Duo-Spinner rotor spinning machine is equipped with the SUESSEN SC-S SpinBox.

SUESSEN designs and manufactures the original Premium Parts Spinning Components and Spare Parts for all of the above-listed SpinBoxes.

Testing Equipment QuickSpin System QSS

QuickSpin System QSS is the approved testing equipment for clearly evaluating raw material quality.

The system delivers data regarding cleanability, opening behaviour, cohesion and stickiness of the fibre material. It further supplies information on tendencies and influences resulting from different raw materials. It provides accurate forecasts of yarn properties and the processability and enables cost-effective compositions of various fibre materials.

For marketing, we have a collaboration with SDL Atlas, the renowned name for testing equipments.

SUESSEN co-operates with JINGWEI, in the field of EliTe®Compact Spinning The co-operation includes the optional applications EliTwist® and EliCoreTwist®. With this co-operation the companies expect to extend their business and market share in the market.

The SUESSEN Product Range

1. SUESSEN Ring Spinning
1.1 SUESSEN EliTe®Compact Spinning System
- EliTe®CompactSet V5-S for existing ring spinning frames in short-staple spinning
- EliTe®CompactSet V5-L for existing ring spinning frames in long-staple spinning

Optional applications: EliTwist®, EliCoreTwist®

1.2 SUESSEN HP Drafting Systems for ring spinning and roving frames

HP-GX Top Weighting Arms, roller stands, HP Bottom Rollers with bearings, HP-R Top Rollers, bottom apron guide bars, HP-GX-AC “Active Cradle” with cradle spacers and aprons etc. available for any brand or type of ring spinning frame/ roving frame.

Customers buying new ring spinning machines/roving frames may specify these components directly with the machine maker.
- HP-GX 3010 Top Weighting Arm for short-staple spinning frames
- HP-GX 4010 Top Weighting Arm for roving frames
- HP-GX 5010 Top Weighting Arm for worsted spinning frames

2. SUESSEN Open-End Rotor Spinning
2.1 SpinBoxes for OEMs


2.2 Premium Parts - Modernization of Autocoro Rotor Spinning Machines
- SC 1-M and SC 2-M SpinBox for Autocoro SE 8 and SE 9
- SQ 1-M and SQ 2-M SpinBox for Autocoro SE 8 and SE 9

2.3 Premium Parts - Modernization Packages
- ProFiL® Cartridge – new EverClean axial rotor bearing for SE 7 to SE 10
- SweepCat trash removal system
- Electronic Yarn Detector
- Piecing-Up Package
- Package Cradle Shock Absorber
- Carbon Fibre Rod
- RK3 Cleaning Head

2.4 Premium Parts - Spinning Components and Spare Parts for SC-M, SQ-M, SE 7 – SE 11
- ProFiL®Rotor
- ProFiL®Cartridge – new EverClean axial rotor bearing
- ProFiL®Reflector
- TwinDisc with 2 Cooling Grooves
- SOLIDRING/ Opening Roller
- ProFiL®Navels
- Channel Plate/ Channel Insert
- Torque-Stop
- ProFiL®BrakePad
- TrashAdapter

3. Testing Equipment QuickSpin System QSS
- MDTA3 – Micro Dust Trash Analyser
- QuickSpin Unit -
- QuickSpin System QSS – MDTA3 + QuickSpin Unit

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