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Solvias Group reports solid growth in 2014 and continues its investments in innovative technologies

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- Sales of CHF 61 million in 2014, driven by a very dynamic performance in biopharmaceutical analytics and ligands coupled with continuously solid results in element & trace analysis
- Major new customers acquired in the cosmetics industry
- Ongoing rollout of innovative technologies and services:
- Metal-free laboratory for sample preparation
- Cell-based bioassay services for potency testing of biopharmaceuticals
- Rapid sterility test for medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Contract research and service provider Solvias today announced sales figures for 2014. Revenues rose by 7.2% over the previous year to CHF 61 million. [1]

"Solvias together with Confarma, posted solid business results in 2014, with organic growth of 7.2% over prior year," said Dr. Karen Huebscher, Chief Executive Officer. "We achieved double-digit sales increase in biopharmaceutical analytics, including biosimilars, and with our ligands. Several of the products from our proprietary library of over 600 ligands are now being integrated into the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and potential blockbusters."

Expansion into new business segments

Another commercial highlight of 2014 was the expansion into new business segments. Led by Confarma, its affiliate in Hombourg (France), Solvias acquired several large cosmetic companies as customers. This industry complements the traditional strengths of Solvias in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology - all with similar quality requirements around good manufacturing practice (GMP).

In addition, Solvias' Ligands & Specialty Products business unit has shifted from a project and service orientation towards increasing the proportion of high-value products - especially ligands for commercial pharmaceuticals.

Continuing its investments in innovative solutions

In 2014, Solvias made significant investments in innovative technologies and services to remain at the forefront of delivering highest quality analytical data and products.

As a result Solvias is able to roll out additional services in 2015:

- A metal-free sample-preparation laboratory was built in order to guarantee detection of lowest levels of heavy metals in samples without environmental contamination. The composition of the lab practically eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from the surrounding environment. The metal-free lab testing service, located in Kaiseraugst, is being introduced into the market place in Q1 2015.
- Cell-based bioassay services for the quality control and stability testing of biopharmaceuticals during manufacturing are also being rolled out for various analytical requirements during 2015.
- A rapid sterility test, reducing the time required to check for contamination or to confirm product sterility from 14 days to only 5 days has already won over first customers across various industry segments and is currently being launched.

[1] Solvias is a privately held company and does not publish profit figures.