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New Container Hub in Northern Germany

SLC as interface for container handling between ports and the European interior

(PresseBox) (Soltau, ) The flow of commodities keeps getting bigger, and container traffic is crowing steadily. Due to factors concerning storage space, which is in increasing short supply in coastal regions, it has become essential to resort to high-capacity systems on the interior. Transporting goods away from the port areas requires well-developed logistics concepts, in addition to the usual requirements. Carsten Tietje and Martin Buck, executive heads of Soltau Logistic Center GmbH & Co. KG are taking advantage of this logistic bottleneck in the port areas and intend to offer storage facilities by means of strategic alliances between shipping, railways and road transport. Manufacturers and merchants will benefit from conditions which are favorable in comparison with the limited space available at sea ports.

The conditions necessary for such an undertaking are already present: Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover are located within a 60 kilometer radius, and ports such as Bremerhaven and Hamburg are not far away from the Soltauer Logistic Center. The A7 highway, an important north-south route, runs directly along the boundary of the property, while the Berlin-Bremen railway line veers off onto company premises. The previous capacity of two 450m tracks is planned to be increased to four 700m long block trains, which will enable containers to be shipped in and out by rail. The executives are planning to nearly double the area of the facility to 280,000 square meters by acquiring adjacent properties, thus offering 180,000 square meters of space free for container storage. "With our storage and handling capacities, the Soltau site will be able to act as an upstream or intermediate station, depot for empty container or consolidation point for container traffic for ports on the North Sea. As such, we offer the ideal conditions for an intermodal hub and present an interface between the North Sea ports and the European interior," Carsten Tietje explains. The conversion work will cost 12 million euros. In order to safeguard the investment, the company is seeking a partner from the railway or forwarding industry or alternatively terminal operators or shipowner's associations At present, SLC offers 3,300 square meters of handling space with 34 loading gates.

There is space here for 55,000 palettes, 28,000 of which are accommodated in a fully-automatic high-bay warehouse. The company covers warehousing facilities in all temperature ranges, from refrigeration to fresh to ambient. In addition to classic storage, SLC offers the complete spectrum of logistic warehousing - from consignments to display design to order or inventory management. Since the company is transport neutral, there is no element of competition, even for customers such as logistics companies. SLC's extensive areas of competence make it a dynamic logistics location in Northern Germany and an ideal means of relieving the over-burdened coastal regions.

Soltau Logistic Center GmbH & CoKG

As a multi-user logistics location, the Soltau Logistic Center (SLC) offers all services related to warehousing and logistics. SLC has a storage capacity amounting to approximately 55,000 CCG2 palette bays, 28,000 of which are in a fully automatic high-bay warehouse, as well as 60,000m² of free storage, depot and maneuvering space. 34 loading gates, large truck depot spaces, area for structural expansion and an active rail connection with rail ramp round out the usages the SLC offers.

The company sees itself as a neutral logistics platform and renders logistics services for everyone - for classic customers such as manufacturers and merchants as well as for logistics companies. SLC has no fleet of its own, nor does it have a network of subsidiaries. This means that the relationship toward many logistics companies is one of cooperation instead of competition.

In addition to classic storage, SLC offers the complete spectrum of logistic services, such as consignment, packaging, display design, container handing, customs clearance, order management and inventory management. The logistics center furthermore prepares individual, tailor-made logistics solutions for each customer.