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SolarWaterWorld and SkySails develop Zero-Emission Yacht

First solar-electric yacht with towing kite propulsion revolutionizes yachting

(PresseBox) (Berlin/Hamburg, ) A yacht dream is coming true: The emission-free solar yacht with towing-kite propulsion will be developed and built by the solar ship manufacturer SolarWaterWorld AG from Berlin in close cooperation with the Hamburg-based technology leader SkySails GmbH. A cooperation agreement which includes a seven-figure development contract for SkySails has been signed by the partners on October 27th, 2011.

The combination of solar-electric and SkySails propulsion is a sensation - not only ecologically. Besides producing no CO2 at all, this hybrid yacht competes with conventional sailing ships and motor yachts on a completely different level as well: motor yachts are fast and spacious while sailing yachts offer emission- and vibration-free enjoyment. Cruising at sea is significantly more comfortable on a sailing yacht, but this is achieved with a disturbing inclined position.

A solar yacht with SkySails propulsion combines the advantages of both worlds: it glides soundlessly, but with motor yacht comfort through the waves. At the same time, the towing kite generates up to 25times more power per square meter sail area than conventional sail propulsions and thus makes for high speed. This allows the development of a superior yacht design without compromise.

And what's more, independency on long distance trips is given as well: "Wind or sun - one of them is always available. This makes it possible to cruise around the globe without refuelling", says Dr. Christian Steinhausen, CEO of SolarWaterWorld, and he adds enthusiastically: "the solar-electric kite yacht will revolutionize the yachting world. Calms, shortage of fuel, and rotten compromises are no longer an issue! We can reach high speeds without heel - and this in a 100% CO2-neutral way."

Stephan Wrage, CEO of SkySails GmbH, is excited: "We have been noticing a worldwide interest in our towing kite propulsion from the yachting sector for several years. SolarWaterWorld is a competent and internationally recognized partner in the field of solar-electric yachts and we are delighted to establish this product field together."

The towing kite systems which have been in operation in commercial cargo shipping since 2008 have to be newly dimensioned to fit onto yachts of up to 25m in length. The development of a cruising yacht specifically suited for extreme requirements will be handled by SolarWaterWorld AG which specializes in alternative drive systems and bionically-optimized hull designs.

The development project is set for two years. The first prototype shall be presented by the end of 2012, series production of the solar-electric kite-yacht is planned to start in 2013.

Reservations can already be made. If interested, please contact the chief marketing manager of SolarWaterWord AG, Tim-Derek Schultze, or visit SolarWaterWorld's booth at the Hanseboot 2011 trade fair in Hamburg/Germany (Hall B2 EG, Stand C354).

About SolarWaterWorld AG The Berlin-based SolarWaterWorld AG was founded in 2001 and ranks among the internationally leading companies in the market segment of solar-electric boats and ships. It is SolarWaterWorld AG's objective to globally establish the utilization of solar power on boats and ships.

The business of SolarWaterWorld AG is not limited to manufacturing and licensing solar driven vessels worldwide, but also spans the design, development and construction of solar systems and component parts in the field of aquatics, such as for example for altering common boats to make them solar power compatible. In addition to that, SolarWaterWorld AG develops, finances and operates solar boat rentals for the tourism sector, as well as devises concepts for public transport solutions employing eco-friendly solar passenger ships.

In 2007, the catamaran Sun21 successfully completed a long-distance endurance test for technology and material of SolarWaterWorld AG by crossing the Atlantic to New York. In 2010, SolarWaterWorld delivered the worldwide first solar-electric superyacht - the SunCat 46 "Uhura" - to its owners. The yacht was built by the renowned yacht manufacturer Horizon Yachts and is now being offered as series yacht.

The group of shareholders and the supervisory board of SolarWaterWorld AG includes Thomas Krupke, former CEO of SOLON and current CEO of ENGYCO and Dr. Paul Grunow, founder of Q-Cells who acts as chairman of the board. SOLON and Q-Cells rank among the leading manufacturers of solar cells worldwide.

SkySails GmbH & Co. KG

The Hamburg-based SkySails GmbH was founded in 2001 and is the market and technology leader in the field of automated towing kite systems. Some 80 employees representing a wide range of disciplines and specialties - from aerospace engineers, to software developers, shipbuilders, management professionals and CNC operators - all help to develop, manufacture and market the worldwide patented SkySails technology.

SkySails kites are the key technology for capturing the vast potential of high-altitude winds and SkySails is the first company in the world that has succeeded in developing towing-kite technology into an industrial application.

The company's main business segment SkySails Marine offers wind propulsion systems for ships. The latest product generation SKS C 320 can replace up to 2 MW of the main engine's propulsion power. The company's second business segment SkySails Power develops and markets systems for generating power from high-altitude wind.