SIM2 Multimedia - M.150

A different entertaining system

(PresseBox) ( Frankfurt Am Main, )
- SIM2's SUPER PureLED Technology
- 0.95" 1080p DarkChip4 single-chip DMD by Texas Instruments
- LED typical life estimated around 30,000 hours

The M.150 is a high-end compact 3D single unit projector that incorporates PureLED technology, a combination of single chip DLP from Texas Instruments, three individual high power LEDs, a new light engine, and a dedicated video processing. PureLED technology allows the projector to deliver clearer, brighter and more vibrant images, a wider and more consistent color gamut, and full-on/full-off contrast up to 100,000:1.

The M.150 is designed for use with large screen sizes - up to 4 m (14 ft.) wide. A choice of two high quality glass lenses (T1 and T2) is available, giving the projectors a total throw ratio of 1.5-3.9:1. To aid calibration SIM2's Live Color Calibration software enables complete control over primary, secondary, white point color coordinates and gamma tables, allowing calibration experts to accurately calibrate the final image via a user-friendly application for Windows-based computers.

3D stereo visualization offers clear and sharp 3D images thanks to single chip DLP Imaging technology. This technique achieves channel separation using active shutter glasses. Active shutter glasses turn on and off in rapid succession and stop light reaching your eyes. The glasses are synced using a IR emitter connected to the projector: when an image is destined for the left eye, the right lens of the glasses goes dark preventing any of the image for your left eye from reaching the right eye. The left lens is completely open. The process repeats very quickly (up to 120 times per second) for each eye and the human brain combines the two images and creates the illusion of 3D.

The M.150 is able to emulate the best 3D cinema projection systems, in terms of color fidelity, definition and depth of image. These are all conveyed accurately, as is the fluid motion of fast-action movies and sports. This all adds up to an incredible 3D experience at home !

Key Features and Benefits

- High picture quality: SIM2 renown image processing and the latest 0.95 in. 1080p DMD from Texas Instruments
- Precision optics: compact die-cast light engine with precision glass optics and motorized zoom, focus and lens shift
- Longer light source life: typical life estimated around 30,000 hours
- Richer and more saturated colors: wider and more consistent color gamut and full-on/full-off contrast up to 100,000:1
- Extremely quiet level of operating noise: liquid-cooling system
- Quick on/off: warm-up and cool-down periods require seconds not minutes
- Artifact-free fast-action images: SIM2 PureMotion processing
- High resolution: actual full HD 3D images, without blur and ghosting
- Comfortable 3D viewing: high brightness ghost-free sharp images
- Immersive 3D effect: large screen sizes thanks to high brightness images
- 3D wide viewing angle: stereo separation independent from viewing angles
- Screen flexibility: no constraints in the choice of the screen material
- Compatibility: no need of dedicated sources and preprocessing for 3D viewing

Price: Euro 20.150
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