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Signalion delivers MIMO-capable Test User Equipment to LTE field trial in Germany

(PresseBox) (Dresden, ) Signalion GmbH supports field trials within the EASY-C project with 11 other industrial and 3 academic partners, including infrastructure equipment manufacturers like Alcatel-Lucent. These trials are planned to start in Q1 2008 on up to 10 sites with a total of 33 sectors in the Dresden City area and in Berlin, where the project partners will have the unique opportunity to deploy and test advanced prototypes of LTE equipment under real-life conditions, perform extensive field measurements and verify theoretically obtained results.

Signalion’s products, will be deployed in real wide-area urban environment to enable field measurements and load tests in a complex network set-up. The obtained test results will be used as a basis for contributions to the standardization process and technological development. Signalion added enhanced MIMO (multiple-input, multipleoutput)capability to its SORBAS product family in December 2007. This supports enhanced data rates and novel features in line with ongoing standardization.

This is a major step for Signalion as an established manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for future mobile broadband networks, in providing reliable, fully-featured test solutions for the verification and integration of early products of the maturing LTE standard.

"Through our partnership with network providers, equipment manufacturers and research institutes within EASY-C, we can timely expand and streamline our LTE product portfolio, and strengthen our leading role as a reference vendor of test systems for this future global cellular standard, ready to support forthcoming LTE network rollouts and interoperability trials," said Tim Hentschel, CEO of Signalion.

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About Easy-C:
T-Mobile and Vodafone have joined forces alongside the German government, German university partners and vendors to develop and trial new technologies capable of producing faster wireless broadband speeds for the future.The trial partners, with financial support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will evaluate ways to increase the throughput and capacity of future cellular networks.The EASY-C (Enablers for Ambient Services and Systems – Part C) project will look to optimise multi-antenna techniques and multi-cell cooperative techniques which lie at the heart of nextgeneration wireless broadband networks. The project includes field trials in Dresden and Berlin.The project will seek to capitalize on research that aims to deliver higher spectral efficiencies and improved system performance by investigating relaying, interference coordination and cancellation. EASY-C will be the first project worldwide in which a prototype cellular network will be built to implement and trial these innovative techniques. This project will enable the verification of theoretical assumptions based on fundamental technologies.The prototype network will include 10 base-station sites in downtown Dresden and will consist of 30 cells. In addition, a test bed for application oriented demonstrations – driven by the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories – will be installed in Berlin with 2 base-stations and 4 cells. Construction of the prototype network starts soon and will be ready for first field tests in 2008. It is expected that the EASY-C project will have a strong impact on future standardization activities.The project consortium includes 13 further industrial partners, semiconductor manufacturers, equipment suppliers, hardware & software tools providers and regulators. This project will support the German research community. The scientific results will determine Germany´s leading role in technology for mobile communications.

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national instruments GmbH

Signalion is an established provider of air-interface diagnostics solutions for 3GPP-LTE. Having introduced the first LTE test-UE to the market Signalion is a pioneer in providing new features and solutions in the context of LTE infrastructure testing.

The company combines the unique experience of many years of wireless research, algorithm implementation, and leading edge wireless system development.