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Modular automation solutions for the printing industry

(PresseBox) (Fürth, ) Complete packages and modular automation solutions for printing machinery will take center-stage with Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) at the IFRA 2007 in Vienna, Austria. Modular software and integrated communication solutions not only reduce the time-to-market for mechanical equipment manufacturers, but also offer users a high degree of investment security. In Vienna Siemens will also services such as mechatronic support.

The focus of the Siemens presentation at this year's IFRA show will be on system packages based on the Sinamics drives family as well as motion control solutions with Profinet. Profinet with IRT is suitable as an integrated communication solution for multi-axis applications such as in illustration and newspaper rotary offset printing presses as well as in print finishing. Ensuring productive operation of, say, a newspaper rotary offset machine with four printing mechanisms, folder superstructure and folder, requires the coordination of more than 50 axes. The axes are distributed over seven axis groupings with Simotion D and Sinamics and they communicate via IRT Profinet. As well as real-time communication, Profinet is also used for IT tasks such as human machine interfacing and diagnostics. This involves accessing the OPC-XML server that is integrated into Simotion D and provides process-level data and drive data The Sinamics S120 AC Drive is a converter for high-performance single-axis applications as well as multi-axis applications in the printing industry. The converter is also suitable for retrofit projects in high-power printing machinery. Thanks to its modular design, the Sinamics S120 AC is also suitable for multi-axis applications, so it can be used for synchronous and motion control applications. The new Version V2.5 of the Sinamics S120 drive system has additional integral safety functions. These support simple and standard-compliant implementation of safety concepts. The safety functions Safe Stop 2, Safe Operating Stop, Safe Brake Ramp, Safely-Limited Speed and Safe Speed Monitor supplement the previously integrated basic safety functions.

Energy efficiency and energy regeneration capability are the focus of interest this year again. This technology is already established in the printing industry for high power ratings. With "Smart Infeed" and "Active Infeed", Siemens (A&D) will present two power recovery concepts for the Sinamics drives family. The current from regenerative operation of drives is returned to the system. Depending on the requirements of an application and its environment, either Smart Infeed is used as a standard solution, or Active Infeed is used for especially high plant availability and system quality.

The range is supplemented at the trade fair by water-cooled or air-cooled servo motors and torque motors. Demand for direct drive concepts is also rising in the printing industry. The permanentmagnet high-torque motors of the new HT-direct series cover a torque range up to 42 kNm at speeds up to 800 r.p.m as standard. This corresponds to a power rating of 2,100 kW. The low-voltage HT-direct motor, which has a solid shaft, is available either with air cooling in a gray castiron housing or with water-jacket cooling in a steel housing.

Simulation of entire machines and manufacturing sequences significantly shortens the prototype phase for mechanical equipment manufacturers and thus the time-to-market. Thanks to services such as Mechatronic Support from Siemens A&D, the drive system of a machine, for example, can be optimized right back at the design phase. Comprehensive simulation tools also help to simplify startup and can be used in the training of operators.