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SGS to Provide Project Management and Health and Safety Coordination Services for Maintenance Road Works on the Rondas and Gran Via Norte Routes in Barcelona

SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company has been delivering management and coordination services for health and safety throughout the integral maintenance road works for the Rondas and Gran Via Norte routes in

(PresseBox) (Geneva, ) SGS is pleased to announce that it has been assigned to deliver Project Management and Coordination services for health and safety throughout the integral maintenance road works for the Rondas and Gran Via Norte routes in Barcelona, Spain.

The 'Rondas' of Barcelona are ring roads which extend for 36 kilometers, of which 8.1 kilometers are urban tunnels, with a DMI of 276,500 vehicles. The Rondas are vital to the road infrastructure of Barcelona, serving as they do the municipalities of the Metropolitan Area and enabling urban mobility. The Gran Via Norte is also a vital artery in the city, traversing its heart and hosting many hotels and a large swathe of urban housing.

Maintenance, planning and coordination with the administrative and transport authorities and security forces remains a challenge for roads that serve heavily urbanized and populated areas. With one of the highest rates of DMI in Spain, the Rondas require unique care and attention in order to keep its roads, bridges, 23 tunnels, 1 electrical generation center, 13 technical rooms, 290,000 square meters of embankments and three important motorway interchanges in service.

SGS Industrial Services has been leading the management and coordination of maintenance works for ten years now, with several contracts for renovation. In addition, SGS has been coordinating the large companies involved, from the construction sector as well as the infrastructure and facilities maintenance industries. The team of specialists from SGS Industrial Services who are involved in these works include experts in the maintenance of civil works, facilities and equipment, as well as specialists and auditors of health and safety and road safety; the ultimate goal being the successful implementation of a program of maintenance works ensuring both the economic management of the contract and improvements in road safety.

The range of SGS' tasks in this project include the drafting of maintenance projects, the preparation and monitoring of annual planning, the review of procedures, the implementation of inspections and tests, the elaboration of results reports, implementing stringent Quality Control, validation of maintenance procedures with a view to final certification, elaboration of accident reports and evaluations of any damage to infrastructure, and the study and drawing up of proposals for improvements in facilities, infrastructure and all aspects of road safety.

SGS is satisfied that it has established a system that ensures integral quality from its experience of previous projects. SGS is widely motivated to achieve the best on this project, as the challenges are vast - the complexity of maintenance issues combined with the importance of the infrastructure and facilities that serve this very important ring road in Barcelona mean that issues of traffic management, safety and users' comfort are of the highest priority to SGS.

SGS Industrial Services is proud of its record in Spain, with the conservation and maintenance of infrastructure a key element of the technical assistance contracts it wins for maintenance works for roads and railways.

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