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Power pack now offers 33% increase in power density

The most powerful intelligent power module on the market

(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) SKiiP4, the new generation of intelligent IGBT power modules, boasts a longer service life than non-sintered modules and can be used in higher temperature applications. The SKiiP power pack is the most powerful intelligent power module on the market and is 33% more powerful than its predecessor SKiiP 3. The IPM is used predominantly in wind and solar power applications, traction applications, elevator systems and industrial drives with high outputs of between 400 kW and 1.8 MW.

For comparable conditions and module sizes, the SKiiP4 provides 33% more power than the current version of this module family, SKiiP3. On the one hand, this allows for the development of more powerful or more compact frequency converters, thus reducing costs. This increase in power is down to the use of an innovative pressure contact system, an improved heat sink and IGBT4, CAL4 chip technology. In addition, six parallel half bridges have been used for the first time at the upper power end instead of four, as was the case up till now.
In SKiiP4 modules, the semiconductor chips are not soldered to the ceramic substrate but are joined using sinter technology, meaning that higher operating temperatures are possible with no compromise to – or in some cases even increased - reliability. The sinter bond is a thin silver layer which has a lower thermal resistance than a bond with solders. Thanks to the high melting point of silver, premature material fatigue can be prevented.

Like its predecessors, SKiiP 4 is based on well matched components: heat sink, power module, driver and protective sensors/functions. Here, the mounting and connecting technology, which is based on a pressure system, plays a crucial role. Customers can also opt to have unique burn-in tests where the IPMs are run under real operating conditions performed. These tests enable premature silicon failure to be identified and the defective chips removed. In the tests the modules are exposed to the maximum possible junction temperature.

The solder-free pressure contact system and the integrated laminated power rails ensure homogenous current distribution. Every IGBT and diode chip is connected to the main terminal separately, keeping the module resistance very low. The chips are not soldered to the ceramic substrate but are joined in a sinter process. As these modules have no base plate, the solder-free connection between DCB and heat sink is quasi-flexible, which is why the thermal cycling capability has no upper limits. SKiiP4 will be available with blocking voltages of 1200V and 1700V in dual-pack topologies with three, four or six parallel half bridges per IPM.

Digital signal transmission for the switching signals is the key to ensuring both a very high degree of reliability and interference immunity for switching signals. In addition to various technical advantages, this ensures high signal integrity and, consequently, interference immunity. Transmission depends on component parameters, is highly robust and not sensitive to temperature fluctuations or ageing effects. The switching and sensor signal transmission channels feature galvanic isolation, meaning the user does not have to provide additional isolation. To round off, the new SKiiP4 IPM also features a multi-stage output stage which ensures the reduction of overvoltage and includes various other protective functions. Finally, a diagnosis channel is available for optimum evaluation on the customer side.

SEMIKRON International GmbH

Founded in 1951, German-based Semikron is a family enterprise that employs 3000 people worldwide. Semikron comprises of a global network of 35 companies that guarantees fast and competent on-site customer care. Semikron is the market leader in the field of diode/thyristor semiconductor modules, enjoying a 37% share of the worldwide market. (Source: IMS-Research „The worldwide market for power semiconductor discretes and modules“ 2008).

Semikron’s product range consists of 21,000 different power semiconductors, including chips, discrete diodes/thyristors, power modules (IGBT / MOSFET / diode / thyristor), driver and protection components and integrated subsystems.

“Semikron inside” has become a trademark for young developing markets such as electric drives, wind power generators, solar power, electric vehicles, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, conveyor belts and trams. As a significant innovator in the power electronics sector, many of Semikron’s progressive developments have been accepted as industrial standards.

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