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Seoul Semiconductor Released Warm White Acriche Close to Sunlight Starts Penetrating into Illumination Market

(PresseBox) (Korea, ) Seoul Semiconductor(SSC) announced that it released Acriche of warm white, of which light sources are most generally applied to lighting products and starts up penetration into illumination market with the new product.

The warm white Acriche features 42 lm/W, based on light source. When it comes to modules with Acriche, the efficacy is 35 lm/W, by considering electricity consumption. Actual system efficiency by considering ballast and luminiare loss is 39.9 lm/W, and it surpasses incandescent lamp(7.5 lm/W), halogen lamp(10 lm/W), and compact fluorescent lamp(30.6 lm/W).

In view of the fact that the luminous efficacy of conventional warm white DC LED is nearly 35 lm/W, the warm white Acriche of 42lm/W shows about 20% more efficiency than DC LEDs. Thus, it can easily replace DC-LED lighting without the need of a converter or ballast and realize the brighter lighting environment.

SSC released another warm white Acriche with luminous efficacy of 33 lm/W (Ra = 90), which features higher CRI and can render colors of things brightened by lighting, more like natural and vivid colors. It is best-suited light source for the applications such as lighting in hotels, museums, and showcases, interior lighting, and residential lighting, which require high CRI.

Particularly, developing the product in warm white and with CRI 90 at the same time was seemed very difficult. Still, SSC's Acriche has turned the impossibility into a possibility. It now can render natural colors of things as well as be environment-friendly and operates directly from AC power, which will be able to provide another solution to lighting industry.

The CEO of Seoul Semicondcutor, Cheong Hoon Lee said, "Different countries of the world are rapidly moving to replace conventional lighting with a new light source. The driving forces of this change array from environmental pollution controls, rising oil prices, electrical efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and demands for no mercury or lead. The release of the warm white Acriche is expected to contribute to the efforts."

Seoul Semiconductor Europe GmbH

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