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Learn Industry Best Practices for Achieving PCI Compliance and How to Avoid Common Pitfalls Along the Way

(PresseBox) (Unterschleißheim, ) With the recent rise in data breaches of credit card information and rising identity thefts, implementing a sound information security program is no longer optional. Companies processing credit card information must embrace and implement sound data protection strategies to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customers' payment information. The cost of compliance, while significant, is far less expensive than the cost of remediation, where public out-cry and media coverage of a breach could damage a company's brand irreparably.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was developed by major credit card companies like MasterCard and Visa to increase consumer confidence in using credit cards for electronic payment. The standards ensure that merchants, financial institutions, service providers, and others that use, store, process, and transmit payment cardholder data, take due care and diligence to prevent credit card fraud, identity theft, and hacking, among other security issues.

This free 75-minute educational webinar hosted by Secure Computing and featuring IDC Vice President of Security Products & Services Chris Christiansen will explore these issues.

Mr. Christiansen will be joined by Andrew Stevens, Secure Computing's Senior Manager, Product Marketing and Ken Rutsky, Secure Computing's Vice President of Product Marketing to discuss best practices and approaches to achieving compliance with the PCI DSS standard.

Register today for this informative Webcast to learn about a variety of issues:

1. What are the benefits of PCI compliance to your organization 2. What are the costs of PCI compliance to your organization (implementation vs. remediation)

3. What implementation challenges do companies face and how to overcome them 4. Which technology solutions map to the various PCI requirements 5. What are the best practices for organizations to achieve PCI compliance 6. Actual case studies and examples of companies who have already met PCI requirements