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Screen Installs First Truepress 344 In Russia

(PresseBox) (Amstelveen, ) Moscow-based printer Idea Print is the first company in Russia to install Screen's Truepress 344 digital offset press. Installed by Screen's Russian distributor Printing Systems, the Truepress 344 will expand the company's capacity and handle up to 30% of the company's digital jobs.

"We know the digital print market very well, and purchasing Screen's Truepress 344 is completely aligned with our business growth strategy," comments Sergey Popov, Idea Print's Marketing Director. "The companies in this industry need to bring additional competitive advantages and more detailed segmentation to our niche market. Screen's Truepress 344 is an ideal choice to ensure we achieve these goals."

Sergey adds: "We currently use Xerox DC7000 and Xerox DC2045 digital presses, and also large-format printing systems. We offer digital print services and specialise in shorter run lengths. By installing the Truepress 344 we will be able to extend our capacity, while remaining in the same sector. This new press ensures efficiency for run lengths from 300 copies upwards and delivers print quality that no digital machine can match."

Offering simplified operation similar to a standard laser printer, the Truepress 344 delivers offset print quality and up to 7,000 prints per hour. Screen is the only manufacturer to use conventional dampening offset print in their digital imaging presses, while other manufacturers' equipment uses dry offset print and cannot match the printed product quality delivered by the Truepress. Sergey Popov confirmed that this reason was the most influential in their decision to buy. Additionally, the press offers a make-ready time of less than 10 minutes, with waste below 50 sheets.

Combining conventional offset ink with traditional dampening print, Truepress 344 delivers the lowest repeated print cost compared to any other digital press. The automated run length change ensures that make-ready for the next job takes just 5 minutes. While setting the plates, the press washes the offset blanket, configures paper feeder and ink fountain in accordance with the data sent by the bitmapped processor via CIP3.

Idea Print offers instant print services through two sales outlets in the centre of Moscow and are preparing a new office in another busy location in the Russian capital for the installation of an offset press. Sergey plans to market his print company's offset print similarly to the digital one. "This press is designed for high-speed print and short run length efficiency," he explains. "It ensures cost efficiency starting from 300 copies and covers the entire gamut of small-format offset equipment, including run lengths up to 3,000-5,000 copies. "

"We will easily add the Truepress 344 into our integrated workflow," concludes Sergey. "TrueFit Advance software ensures fully automatic colour management by controlling the ink output density for repeated prints and ink consumption, therefore minimising manual adjustment. You do not need any special training to operate this press - every sixth print is automatically checked for compliance with all specifications. Just like with a large laser printer - you simply press a button and get the expected result."

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