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New CTP unit offering the world's largest format output

Designed to contribute to the expansion of advertising media in Europe and North America

(PresseBox) (Amstelveen, ) Screen has developed a new thermal VLF CTP device, the PlateRite Ultima 48000, offering the graphics industry the largest format output in the world. In recent years, there has been a trend towards the expansion of a variety of printed products with shorter lifecycles. Advertising, such as mail order catalogues, periodicals, and newspapers, are diversifying. The timelines are shorter with more frequent publishing release dates. There is, therefore an increased focus in Europe and North America on developing production equipment that makes it possible to produce a variety of printed materials while meeting tight deadlines, and increasing production efficiency at the same time. Major printing companies are looking into the benefits of incorporating large-format web offset presses into their expanding production lines, to enable the simultaneous large volume printing of a variety of printed products in multiple impositions.

To meet the needs for these emerging trends, Screen has devoted its resources and knowledge as the pioneer in the development of thermal CTP to create a machine that can output onto significantly larger plates than ever before. The result of Screen's efforts is the new PlateRite Ultima 48000 thermal CTP platesetter, now ready for the world market. The new PlateRite Ultima 48000 thermal device will make it possible for companies to get the most productivity available out of the new large-format web offset presses - expected to spread throughout the industry in the near future. These presses will require plates up to - 2,900 mm x 1,350 mm plates, or up to 96 A4-size pages. In addition to the ultra-large-format PlateRite Ultima 48000, Screen has also developed the PlateRite Ultima 40000, which takes up less space than the 48000 and supports output onto 2,280 mm x 1,600 mm plates, for up to 80 A4-size pages.

Screen's CTP series is number one in the world. With the addition of the newly developed PlateRite Ultima 48000 and PlateRite Ultima 40000, Screen expects total sales of well over 100 units for their Ultima series of large-format CTP recorders in 2008. These new thermal plate recorders will not only expand Screen's share in this segment of the market, but also help Screen meet a wider range of CTP needs worldwide. Screen is proud of its status as a leading company in the printing and prepress industries worldwide, and looks forward to continuing to develop products for its customers' ever-changing needs.

The PlateRite Ultima 48000 and PlateRite Ultima 40000 will be introduced at Drupa 2008. Sales of both models will start at that time. The PlateRite Ultima 48000 will be on a production by order basis.

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