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Digital Printing showroom established at Kumiyama Site

Will be a Major Communications Hub for Increased POD Equipment Business

(PresseBox) (Amstelveen, ) The Media Technology Company (President: Kyohei Fujisawa) of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan) will open "Media Square Kyoto", an exhibition space displaying products related to the printing industry, including inkjet printers, at Screen's printing and prepress R&D center, Kumiyama Site (304-1 Sayama-Shinkaichi, Kumiyama-cho, Kuze-gun, Kyoto).

In recent years, the printing industry has been shifting away from mass production and becoming increasingly focused on producing small amounts of products with varying content that provide added value to the individual receiving them. For this reason, POD (Print On Demand) systems that can produce the desired number of individualized products exactly when they are needed are becoming more common. According to a report released this year by InfoTrends Inc., an American market research firm, the total sales for POD output onto paper media in the United States is predicted to increase to ten trillion yen in 2011. As this indicates, the digital printing equipment market, which is suitable for POD output, is growing year by year. Expectations are particularly high for inkjet printers, which can be used in a wide range of industries and printing fields.

Given these recent developments in the printing industry, Screen is actively promoting the development of inkjet printers for POD applications. Screen has a long history of quickly developing and marketing products that meet the evolving needs of the printing market, including digital printing systems that are suitable not only for the usual printing onto paper, but also for specialized printing for use in advertisements such as banners and illuminated signs, and for industrial use. To ensure that the company's efforts are as effective as possible, Screen has established a communications space known as Media Square Kyoto at its Kumiyama Site. Media Square Kyoto will have a broad range of functions. In addition to being a showroom, it will be a base from which Screen can offer integrated solutions that include inspection and post-press processing, as well as incidental services such as database management. It will also be a space where customers and vendors from all over the world can provide near-immediate feedback to the product development divisions.

Screen plans to make the most of its core printing-related technology, which it has been cultivating for years, as well as the knowledge it gains from the establishment of Media Square Kyoto in aiming for sales of 25 billion yen in 2011 in the growing POD equipment field, where increased demand is expected worldwide. Screen has the highest share in the CtP equipment market, and looks forward to promoting its POD equipment business alongside its CtP equipment business to solidify its position as a leading company in the printing and prepress industries.

Screen Europe

Dainippon Screen Mit freundlichen Grüßen. Co., Ltd (Kyoto, Japan) ist einer der weltweit größten Hersteller und Lieferanten von Systemkomponenten für die Prepress- und Druckindustrie. Die große Geräteauswahl umfasst Scanner, RIPs, Proofsysteme, Film- und Plattenbelichter sowie Digitaldruckmaschinen für Print on Demand Anwendungen. Das Unternehmen hat sich zudem als Hersteller von Komponenten für die Halbleiter- und Flachbildschirmindustrie einen Namen gemacht.

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