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Black Bat - Wiesmann's New Outfit

(PresseBox) (Korntal-Münchingen, ) It is entirely a question of honor to be allowed dressing one of the special vehicles from the factory of individualists - in accordance with the "subtitle" of Wiesmann GmbH in Dülmen - in the new outfit. In case of a MF5 V10, the company SchwabenFolia in Korntal-Münchingen situated in Baden-Württemberg managed to bring even more uniqueness to a priori a venture. However, what they did can be perfectly described as "they've made it".

The Wiesmann roadster - the number 9 amongst 30 (including the GT versions, total of 55) custom made models - originally came in a shiny outfit in silver metallic. After a metamorphosis has taken place, the bolide appears now in extra matte black which is not confined only to the outer skin but also includes the gas tank cover. The door panels, engine room and the inner hood, as well as the trunk along with the inner flap are completely foiled. This also concerns entrances. Even a foiled "imprint" of the northern loop is to be identified on the driver side. The originally matte black Wiesmann emblems are replaced with contrasting chrome ones. Even the rims are presented in silver metallic - one piece, i.e. without a cut. The entire car is a masterpiece of the foil art.

Like all models from Dülmen equipped with BMW engines the frame of the Wiesmann-MF5 consists of bonded and rived aluminum - a technology known in the aerospace industry. In contrast, the body is manufactured of high-quality fiberglass- reinforced composite material and also has a retractable rear spoiler and larger air intakes. The engine is a M5 engine with 420 kW or 507 hp at 7,750 r/min of rated power. It is a V10 front-mid engine with 3-way catalytic converters and a dual exhaust double-flow stainless steel sport mufflers. The Swiss company Dähler is responsible for the conversion of the exhaust system, various optimizations to the engine and transmission system, the reconstruction of the air filtration system as well as the power boost to 600 hp.

Forged alloy BBS 10 x 20 inch rims with 285/30ZR20 front wheels called "F1" the same name goes to the rear 11.5 x 20 inch rims with 325/25ZR20 wheels. The aforementioned qualities provide an appropriate traction between the car and the asphalt. Of course, so much forward torque requires a highly efficient braking technology. Brembo 6-piston fixed calipers bite into the front 308 x 32 mm measured, perforated compound brake discs; the rear axle features the similar 380 x 28 discs they are "controlled" by 4-piston fixed calipers. Thanks to 1395 kg per live weight, 4.22 m per length, 1.95 m per width and 1.18 per height, the flat out is possible at more than 321 km/h. In compliance with the acceleration values, it takes only 3,5 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h; the limit 200 km/h speed is reached in less than ten seconds. A powerful Wiesmann in the new outfit... BLACK BAT!

Photos: Jordi Miranda