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Technology lead with hole grippers

Gripping Systems/Gripping Modules

(PresseBox) (Lauffen/Neckar, ) SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems, is considered the pioneer with respect to laser-sintered modules for handling applications. With a hole gripper made of chemical-resistant polyamide, the innovative family-owned company is now setting another new standard: The LOG is the lightest and also most low-priced hole gripper on the market. Compared with conventional rubber hole grippers, it is approximately 60% lighter. It also features high holding forces and increased durability. The generative manufacturing process used for the gripper allows extremely short delivery times even for individual shapes and sizes.

Contrary to the widespread opinion that grippers made of plastic wear out quickly, the polyamide modules from SCHUNK prove to be extremely robust and abrasion-resistant. They are manufactured from lightweight and wear-resistant polyamide PA12 on modern laser sintering systems, directly from CAD data in a non-cutting process without tools. This enables complex contours or individual labeling at no additional cost.

Lightweight and insensitive to dirt

The production technology used for the LOG results in a double advantage: they are resistant to dirt and also extremely lightweight. The gripper, which is compara-ble to a mandrel, features a one-piece design and a closed, and therefore com-pletely dirt-resistant membrane system. Also, an internal stop protects the single-acting expansion membrane against damage. When compressed air is applied to the gripper via the outer or inner thread, the membrane expands and acts on the clamping jaws. The frictional engagement holds the workpiece securely. Due to the large-surface contact of the polyamide jaws on the wall, damage to the workpiece is more or less impossible - ideal prerequisites for handling of sensitive parts, such as sand cores, for example. When the air pressure is reduced, the membrane automatically returns to the starting position and the gripper jaw releases the part. The low material density makes SCHUNK hole grippers extremely lightweight. Use of the grippers increases the energy efficiency of handling systems. Alternatively, shorter cycle times or smaller systems can be achieved. LOG hole grippers are standardized for diameters between 20 and 40 mm. They weigh between 10 and 135 g and are designed for payloads between 1 and 4 kg. The grippers are driven by compressed air at 6 bar. Intermediate sizes and special shapes are possible on request. The interference contour-optimized grippers are equipped with connection threads for fast and easy mounting without tools.

Extensive product line

The LOG from SCHUNK is a further addition to the company's line of laser sintered gripper modules. These modules include grippers with a closed drive membrane for hygiene-critical applications, individually formed and on request also flexible fingers, laser-formed quick-change systems that can be directly integrated in grippers or gripper fingers and, on request, can even be equipped with media feed-throughs. Since modules that have already been designed can be reproduced within a few days, the process is also ideal for wear and spare parts. SCHUNK is one of the first suppliers, who offers both fingers and quick-change systems and design services at flat rates. This means that the customer knows the exact costs in advance.