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S.PR+ flatbed semitrailers for the hardest transport jobs

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- Reinforced chassis
- Greater driving comfort and load protection through new air suspension
- Large rear portal with solid hinges
- Greater range of options for additional customer benefits

For the 2010 model year Schmitz Cargobull presents a new generation of the S.PR flatbed semitrailers. The numerous optimisations on the frame, running gear and body are so extensive that they far exceed the scope of a normal model upgrade.

In comparison to the previous generation, Schmitz Cargobull has significantly reinforced the chassis side rails. Both tests on the test bench as well as numerous road trials in the course of the endurance testing process have shown that the new chassis is outstandingly suited to rough roads, which are generally travelled with heavy loads. The high rigidity enabled the developers to vastly increase the trailer's service life. When used on rough roads the frame in the vicinity of the running gear is subjected to exceptional stresses. Schmitz Cargobull accommodates for this added stress through additional bars in the reinforced side frame. As a result, the forces transferred via the air suspension bellows are optimally distributed throughout the frame. The semitrailer remains stable even under the roughest conditions.

More pressure for greater comfort

Especially on rough roads a vehicle's suspension becomes twice as important: Effective suspension must protect the load against impacts. A new air suspension system fulfils this task. The new 300 mm diameter bellows react more comfortably as a result of an increase in pressure. The symmetrical layout of the bellows and the new plastic pistons with a large spring travel, serve to transfer less force to the chassis and simultaneously reduce the bending stress. In order to successfully handle even the most demanding roads with deep potholes the developers have also substantially increased the spring travel.

A new screw connection utilising a finepitch thread proved to be the optimal solution for mounting the shock absorbers. This enables a significantly higher prestressing for the shock absorbers and thus also contributes to the increased stability. Comprehensive testing on the test bench has proven the durability of the new mounting.

Detailed work on the body - Greater benefits for the customer

Not only the running gear and the frame of the S.PR+ flatbed semitrailer have been redesigned. Standard galvanised steel corner stanchions on the front and rear reinforce the body and provide it with additional stability. The new large rear portal utilises the tested and durable monolinkage hinges on the aluminium doublewing doors, which have already proven their worth in other vehicle series. These hinges provide optimal options for rapid and simple repair in the event of damage. In comparison to the familiar flaps, the new portal plays a double role, providing additional benefits: Its high stability ensures optimal rear load securing and simultaneously offers optimal protection against theft which tarpaulins fail to provide.

The latest revision of the Schmitz Cargobull sliding tarpaulin on the new S.PR+ possesses ball bearing rollers which enable smooth and durable usage when opening and closing the roof even under conditions involving extreme temperature differences.

The robust body with anodised aluminium drop sides with 620 mm (optional 720 mm) height and adjustable locking devices handles the side form fit for load securing. 13 standard lashing rings (or optional 26) recessed into the exterior frame ensure that loads are safely tied down when using load securing belts. Thanks to the steel corner bumper at the rear, the trailer can handle even rough docking manoeuvres. In addition, these also protect the rear doors against damage. Alternatively, roller buffers or rubber buffers can be ordered. The striking new stainless steel lamp bracket also contributes to the positive overall appearance of the new S.PR+. In addition to the successful visual appearance it also serves to protect the rear lighting and provides a vehicle with a new face.

Greater individuality

The new generation S.PR+ is equipped for the broadest variety of transport tasks and cabmodels: An optional, additionally reinforced chassis with an 8 t floor is available for transporting goods with heavy point loads. An additional variant is available for transporting two 20' or one 40' container. The flush mounted, integrated container locks (twistlocks) make the vehicle even more efficient. If threeaxle cabs are used then the variant with the extended bend and the longer wheelbase comes into its own.

When securing the sides of the load, the trailer provides the option of an alternative arrangement of the insertable slats. Four or optionally five rows of insert pockets are available for stabilising the body and tarpaulin.

An exfactory or retrofitted food storage box are frequently requested accessories. With an integrated water reservoir and a holder for cookers as well as two separate compartments, it can contain everything taken along on those long journeys. As an alternative to the box, the new S.PR+ can also be equipped with palletboxes for 24 or 30 pallets.