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SA2 Worldsync Launches as New Leader in Global Data Synchronization

Agentrics and SINFOS join forces to align manufacturers and retailers for global data synchronization; announces industry’s first-ever free connection option for suppliers

(PresseBox) (Alexandria, VA, U.S. and Cologne, Germany, ) SINFOS GmbH and Agentrics LLC, which operate the retail industry's second- and third-largest global data pools, respectively, today announced the formation of SA2 Worldsync, a joint venture that combines the global strengths of SINFOS and the Agentrics GenSync data synchronization business unit. SA2 Worldsync also announced today that, in North America, it will offer the first-ever free synchronization program for small and mid-size suppliers, enabling businesses to self publish data for up to 10 items at no charge.

SA2 Worldsync, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, represents the interests of more than 50 of the world's leading retailers to ensure systems operate with accurate, up-to-date item information from suppliers. The new company helps more than 2,600 suppliers align and synchronize master data (such as product, case and pallet information) with retailers through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). The SA2 Worldsync interim management board includes Nihat Arkan, Agentrics senior vice president of commercial management, Ulf Adebahr, PIRONET NDH member of the executive board and Jörg Pretzel, GS1 Germany chief executive officer.

"SA2 Worldsync is a strong leader in master data services, and we will continue to drive higher levels of adoption across the global retail industry by providing suppliers with an easier, more affordable way to synchronize data with retailers," said Nihat Arkan of Agentrics. "As the world's most global data pool provider, SA2 Worldsync offers an array of services to support any size company, anywhere, including small suppliers who require a basic program and various levels of support. We make data sync a practical reality for every company and will help them get a quick and high return on their investment."

According to Jörg Pretzel of GS1 Germany, "Our customers clearly view accurate and aligned master data as a key contributor to a smooth running supply chain. We also will continue to lead retailer and supplier interests in the definition of global industry standard item attributes and system protocols across various retail sectors."

Ulf Adebahr of Pironet NDH adds, "Our software solution for Product Information Management enables retailers and suppliers to seamlessly integrate their data to the SA2 Worldsync data pool."

The combination of SINFOS and Agentrics GenSync to SA2 Worldsync represents a significant push for master data management and synchronization in the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) markets. The company will continue to advocate and lead global standards, which further increases the value of data synchronization.

"Walgreens uses global data synchronization to align our data with suppliers large and small," said John Gleeson, Walgreens senior vice president and chief strategy officer. "We support this new joint venture, which will help make this practice more prevalent across the retail supply chain. This is important to bring retailers and suppliers together in the adoption of data sync."

SA2 Worldsync offers a range of services and supports new industry directions, such as price and product image synchronization. With operations in 15 countries and extensive multi-language capabilities, SA2 Worldsync has the largest global footprint to help suppliers and retailers from virtually everywhere integrate smoothly and efficiently. The company also offers the only data pool operational on three continents: Europe, North America and Asia. Customers of SA2 Worldsync include leading international retailers, such as AEON, Ahold, Best Buy, Carrefour, COOP, METRO Group, REWE Group, Safeway, Tesco and Walgreens, as well as many large suppliers, including Danone Group, Dr. Oetker, SCA Hygiene and Sony Home Video.

1WorldSync GmbH

SA2 Worldsync, a joint venture of shareholders Pironet NDH AG, Agentrics LLC and GS1 Germany, was formed by the combination of SINFOS GmbH and the Agentrics data synchronization business unit. SA2 Worldsync master data management services help consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers align and synchronize item data with retailers through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). The services are used by more than 2,600 companies, including 50 of the world’s largest retailers. In combination with Pironet NDH software solutions, SA2 Worldsync services ensure more precise and timely data across the retail-CPG value chain so trading partners can better serve the customer. For more information, please visit