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JUGIT(TM) - The Success Contines Worldwide

(PresseBox) (Hereford, ) Demand is growing for RPC Containers Market Rasen's redesigned reusable JUGIT(TM) , the core of Dairy Crest's innovative new concept in milk packaging.

Following a successful trial in 2010, the JUGIT(TM) continues to be rolled out across the UK and has now gained interest worldwide.

The JUGIT(TM) system offers consumers a pouch-based format that uses substantially less packaging material than conventional plastic milk containers. The milk bag system offers a 75% less packaging weight advantage over the traditional plastic milk bottle -the normal way that supermarket milk is sold. Once placed into the reusable JUGIT(TM) , a spike perforates the bag so the milk is ready to pour.

Since its launch in 2010, the JUGIT(TM) has been distributed widely throughout the UK via Dairy Crest's own Customer Direct Service and Sainsbury's and Tesco retail stores. Interest in the JUGIT(TM) has also been strong from overseas, and it is now being exported worldwide to many countries which already have their milk packed in milk bags.

"Our customers have been immensely supportive of the milk bag initiative throughout the project, seeing the environmental benefits in terms of reducing packaging waste and a lower carbon footprint compared to plastic bottles," explains John Middleton, Senior Brand Manager at Dairy Crest.

Working closely with Dairy Crest during 2010, the JUGIT(TM) was redesigned by the RPC Design Team to enhance its convenience and performance and almost a year on, demand for the JUGIT(TM) continues to grow throughout the UK and worldwide.

"The diversity of countries ordering JUGIT(TM) is fascinating, giving confidence that milk bags have a long term future and that JUGIT(TM) is a system that works," comments Bruce Margetts, RPC Market Rasen's General Manager.

The JUGIT(TM) is easy to use. The bag is secured with an integral clip in the JUGIT(TM) and the spike is part of the lid, automatically perforating the bag upon closure.

John Middleton concludes, "We are delighted with the continued success of the JUGIT(TM) ; it's exciting to see our innovation having appeal worldwide. RPC has been a tremendous creative and practical resource throughout the development of JUGIT(TM) and continues to work with us on ideas to build further on its success."