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The largest and most spectacular 'Maus' ever - Ropa's world premiere at Agritechnica

(PresseBox) (Sittelsdorf, ) ROPA presents a new generation of their self-propelled cleaning loader for sugar beet with entirely new dimensions and a collection system more than 10,2 m wide. The overall concept combines performance and efficiency and blends practical experience with the newest technological innovations from the ROPA company. The unmistakeable feature of the Maus is its 9 m long counterweight arm, specially designed by Hermann Paintner and guaranteeing utmost stability even with a maximum extended loading elevator .

The comfortable cabin which can be raised to up to 5.1 m provides the machine operator with a first-class workplace and a so far unsurpassed overall view. All operational processes can be monitored and optimised on a clearly laid-out colour terminal. An equally clear, newly designed control panel with logically assembled operating controls, a rotary selector switch as well as 2 new multi-functional joysticks on the arm rests makes the machine highly user-friendly when loading.

The robust collecting system, extended to a true 10,2 m width has altogether 18 cleaning rollers (standard produced with a hard welded finish) and ensures efficient soil removal. Depending on the level of cleaning required the cleaning path in the collecting system can be adjusted in length and intensity from the operator cabin. In contrast to older systems 50% more beet can now be stored in an average beet pile - a significant advantage for longer fields with short headlands and in deep frost conditions.

A highly economical 240KW / 326 HP Mercedes-Benz engine with a low emission rate of 3b and incorporating AdBlue and SCR-Kat feeds the drive mechanism. The mechanism has been maximised to an extremely high efficiency so that even when loading it operates automotically at a reduced speed whilst maintaining ample reserves to cope with extreme conditions. In contrast to its predecessor model the throughput capacity has once more been increased significantly whilst maintaining a reduced fuel consumption. Corresponding to a higher throughput the cleaning path has been widened for optimum cleaning effect.

The counter weight arm, specially developed by the company's founder Hermann Paintner, is made of special high grade steel and contributes to the impressive performance of the 'Maus' when loading whilst maintaining high machine stability. The counterweight arm measures up to 9m long and 4m high and can be swung out together with the fuel tank that serves as a counterweight to the loader. It ensures optimal balancing of the machine even with a fully extended elevator. The electronic measuring systems are continuously indicating the weight distribution and so assist the machine operator. For road transport the 'Maus' can be easily and fully automatically folded in from the cabin using only one operating device and reducing the width to 3 m and a total length of 14.5 m. Two hydraulically sprung additional axles coupled with a generously designed braking system permit safe manoeuvring of the 31,000kg 'Maus' and optimum driving comfort even at higher speeds than previously used.

The new hydraulic system with an optimal gear / revolution transmission provides efficient power whilst combining high throughput with low consumption at a steady loading speed of 1,200 1/min. Powerful load-sensing hydraulics ensure highest possible oil utilization and a swift response from the entire operating system even when idling.

The main frame consists of laser-welded and angled U-profiles of a fine 700o steel and, in contrast to its predecessor, offers even higher stability. All components are functional, of clear outline and specially designed for their purpose. The various detailed solutions, e.g. the automatic folding mechanism, indicator of final drive performance, automatic stone protection, capability of the cooling fan to be reversed and swung up and fuel filter monitor, ... all contribute to the highest possible performance at lowest maintenance needs. Electronic data recording with USB data transfer, fuel consumption gauging, air-conditioning, heating, reversing camera and a central lubricating system are part of the very comprehensive standard equipment of the euro-Maus 4. Optionally available are systems for beet logistics - RABS order processing, GIS-interface, through-put weighing, .... - all of which can be integrated directly into the main terminal without the need for auxiliary terminals.

By introducing the new euro-Maus 4 ROPA is demonstrating once more its unsurpassed leading position in the manufacture and distribution of self-propelled cleaning loaders. It is anticipated initially to produce 10 machines for operation in 2010 and to test them to their utmost limits. An introduction to the market is planned for 2011.

ROPA Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH

ROPA Leading Manufacturer in Beet Harvesting Technology

The Bavarian machine manufacturer ROPA is acknowledged in Europe and all over the world as leader in the development and manufacture of machines for harvesting, cleaning and loading of sugar beet. 2011 saw the completion of 260 new machines. On the basis of this year's record sale ROPA is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of self-propelled machines for harvesting, cleaning and loading sugar beet. The present production programme includes the three-axle, six-, eight- or nine-row sugar beet harvesters' the euro-Tiger V8-3, euro-Tiger V8-4 as well as the cleaner loader euro-Maus3, euro-Maus4 and the euro-BunkerMaus 3. With the introduction of the NawaRo-Maus at Agritechnica the production programme was extended to include these new type machines for sustainable resources.

The company founded in 1986 by its Managing Director Herman Paintner is run by the family and has since undergone a phenomenal rise. The world of beet and beet harvesting is unimaginable without ROPA on account of their practice-orientated developments and long-term beet-focused way of thinking. At present a workforce of more than 200 people is employed at the production plant in Sittelsdorf and a further 65 staff members work in the five affiliated branches.

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