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The expert between experts: ROPA euro-Maus 4 in scale 1:32

After one and a half years of designing and construction

(PresseBox) (Herrngiersdorf, ) - Preserved many features of the original
- Educational and illustrative model
- New cleaner-loader with exemplary character
- The first sale of the limited edition will start at the home presentation ROPA, which will be held on November 18 in Sittelsdorf
- In specialized trade the model can be found from April 2013

In the company Wiking this project had the status "strictly confidential". And for good reason! The new model ROPA euro-Maus 4 is really huge, its scale is 1:32, which will for sure produce a sensation in agricultural machinery at the international level! So far, there are no analogues among mobile machines that would repeat so many function of the sample, presenting at the same time beet cleaner and loader. Eventually, Wiking's miniature has educational and demonstrational character. Meanwhile, waiting for home presentation of the model which will be held by ROPA on Sunday, November 18, Wiking has already introduced a series of pilot model.

Receiving and loading of beet clamp

For the first time the newest version of ROPA euro-Maus 4 was presented at Agritechnica last year, by that time designers of Wiking had already for six months worked over their task. The main feature of euro-Maus 4 as of cleaner-loader is to clear beet harvest which lies on the field from ground and put it in a truck, during this process each root is carefully processed and cleaned. That's why euro-Maus 4 is the expert between experts. These features make the latest Wiking's model so attractive. About two dozen of flexible joints in the 32-fold scaled down model of euro-Maus 4 provide remarkable maneuverability. Indeed, even the miniature cleaner-loader looks like a little giant. In the original model the maximum width of the pickup is 10.20 meters. Being cleaned, beet leaves are forwarded on the line under the cabin. At the rear, the overload arm of 15m length loads beet in a truck. Thanks to the wide arm it can in practice overcome and wider ditches.

The cabin, like in the original, has many features and can be turned up

Counterweight arm looks impressive, in the original it sizes 9 meters and is located on the opposite side of the conveyer, thereby ensures absolute stability of the machine. Of course, Wiking realized in its model alternately controlled axes, while maintaining a small turning radius. Finally, the cabin, which originally turned up to 5.1 meters, providing an excellent view of the working area, in the Wiking's model also can move. It goes without saying that in Wiking's miniature the ladder can go down and the doors can be opened. Inside the miniature one can see small driver's working place, which repeats all the features of the original, including two joysticks and color display.

Close cooperation between Wiking and ROPA

Since the beginning of the sugar beet harvesting campaign 2011/2012 euro-Maus 4 has become a model of daily use, and ever since ROPA's flagship, the founder of which, Hermann Paintner created his first sugar beet harvester in 1972. Founded in 1986, the company ROPA Fahrzeug-und Maschinenbau GmbH is located in Herrngiersdorf, Lower Bavaria, and today has 280 employees itself and 170 employees which work at the subsidiaries. No surprise, that cooperation between expert in agricultural technology and the company Wiking during development and construction of the model was very close. The most amazing and complex model between Wiking's products and probably in the entire industry of agricultural equipment is completed. Because of the vast number of features and attention to details its construction took twice longer time, compared to other 1:32 scale models.

Sales of the miniatures start at the home presentation and exhibition of ROPA, which will be held on Sunday, November 18, in Sittelsdorf

In November 2012, in Sittelsdorf, Lower Bavaria, traditional home presentation of ROPA will take place. On Sunday, November 18, on the beet field near the ROPA plant harvesters and loaders will be presented to professional audience. Such practical presentations are held every two years, in turn with Agritechnica. At this presentation we expect about 10,000 visitors. An exclusive highlight of this exhibition is field performance of the sugar beet harvester, which was constructed by Hermann Paintner in 1972. Another highlight of the presentation is a new two-axle beet harvester euro-Panther. The program of the vast agricultural exhibition promises to be various and interesting: agricultural harvesters, forage harvesters, forestry equipment, informational stands for plant breeding companies, biogas equipment manufacturers, etc.

In addition to the presentation ROPA suggests to spend time in a comfort warm hall (with a bar), where visitors will be able to communicate and exchange their ideas. And for "small farmers" organizers prepared special entertainment program with a number of children amusement.

Demonstration of equipment starts at 10.00. At 13.30 at the demonstration field Hermann Paintner (founder of ROPA) and Michael Gruber (Director of Customer Service and Development) will tell about innovation and the company's activities.

Limited sales of the first edition of euro-Maus 4 Wiking begin at 10:00 at the central warehouse of ROPA in Sittelsdorf.