ROPA presents a new Generation of 2 - Axle Sugar Beet Harvester at Beet Europe

ROPA equip the new 2-axle harvester with extra-large tyres, auto balance, lengthened unloading elevator and some more innovations

Sittelsdorf, (PresseBox) - After 18 years of absence ROPA is back in manufacturing 2-axle beet harvester with a visionary concept. The new 2-axle names euro-Panther and joins from the name in the family of felines. Several further improvements to ROPA's sugar beet topper/harvester euro-Panther have resulted in a better yield and a higher daily performance in efficient sugar beet harvesting. Well-proven features of the euro-Tiger V8-4 and the euro-Maus 4 are incorporated in ROPA's euro-Panther together with the latest technical innovations. The Panther is now the strongest beet harvester in the class of 2 axles.

Good soil protection is maintained by the new 800/70 R38 Ultraflex/ CHO tyres at front and 900/60 R38 Ultraflex/ CHO on the rear Axle which require only 2 bar air pressure at full bunker load. The soil is protected and the operator's comfort is improved. The diameter of the tyres is 2050 mm - big advantage under wet harvesting conditions.

Great is also the new unloading elevator, it is located between the two axles. It is extra-long and therefore even 3-way foldable and 1400 mm wide - For an even simpler application of 10-meter-wide piles or for overloading on trailer. The belt with 150 mm long fingers guarantees high feeding capacity at short unloading. The bunker fill automatic allows optimum traction under all harvest conditions by excellent weight distribution. Two ultrasound sensors measure the bunker filling, sum up the bunker charges, and save it in the impact database.

The newly designed and considerably better mounted euro-cabin ensures an optimized view of the lifting unit whilst maintaining a physiologically adapted and comfortable seating position. The pleasantly commanding interior of the new cabin in combination with excellent sound insulation guarantee most comfortable operation. The newly designed multi-functional terminal with color display and visual monitoring of all operational units is arranged in a practical and self-explanatory manner. Ergonomically fitted control panels together with the new ROPA multifunctional-joystick (with integrated mini joystick) create a workplace in a class of its own.

The power transfer in the euro-Panther with a power of 530 PS/ 390 kW (Mercedes Benz 6-cylinder with AdBlue and SCR-KAT euro-Mot 4) is even more economical through reduced fuel consumption. A higher maximum torque of 2450 Nm is efficiently transmitted to all four wheels via a new Rexroth hydraulic pump. Large gear-planets transfer high torque to the wheels. Harvesting speed is up to 15 km/h, on roads even brisk 32 km / h.

Unique among beet harvesters is the automatic leveling system using four hydraulic cylinders and sensors. The entire vehicle is inclined to the slope and thus held horizontally, the lifting unit runs itself by scanning the soil surface. The slope stability is better. Even in extreme situations, the Panther itself keeps stable where others harvesters would tip over. In addition it is more comfort for the driver.

In addition, the machine software can back up data and transfer its settings enabling the operator to securely store his settings (harvesting/cleaning settings and even air-conditioning) before changing his shift. The next operator simply inserts his USB stick in the control panel and takes over the last settings. Therefore no operator loses time in re-setting the machine and so improves his performance in the field.

ROPA also sets new standards in harvesting. Foremost objective of a comprehensive model maintenance was to maximize the beet yield while reducing operating costs. In order to be able to harvest sugar beet with tops, but without leaves ROPA have developed an optimum solution that should fulfil the requirements of beet growers, wage-payers and sugar factories alike! The ROPA Micro-topper has proven itself in operation by remarkable results and is ready for mass production. With its Micro-topper ROPA has made it possible to fully utilize all of the sugar beet grown. In terms of a cost / benefit analysis based on the entire profit-making chain, the maximum profit has been achieved with micro-topping at no additional cost or effort and can be passed on to the sugar beet grower.

The new harvesting shares which have been developed and introduced by ROPA can be set at 6 different positions of distance and angle and, by adapting to varying beet yields and soil conditions, reduce the amount of residual soil on the beet and give increased protection.

A newly integrated three-point measuring system allows even finer control of maintaining an optimum harvesting depth which results further in more efficient harvesting at reduced losses.

In summary, new developments of the euro-Tiger V8-4 increase the daily output at reduced operating costs whilst simplifying maintenance and repair. The operator experiences an improved driving comfort during efficient harvesting of sugar beet.

Technical changes reserved.

Event Note: Traditional ROPA House demonstration on Sunday 18th November with field demonstration

On Sunday the 18th November, the sugar beet harvesters and cleaner loader will be presented alongside the ROPA work to the professional audience. These practical demonstrations are always held in the 2-year cycle, alternating with the Agritechnica. To recent demonstrations despite some bad weather, around 10,000 visitors were at Sittelsdorf. A special highlight in this year is Hermann Paintners first homemade beet harvester of 1972. It will be shown in fieldwork with Hermann Paintner as driver. Model fans can look forward to the ROPA euro-Maus 4 as a model of Wiking.

ROPA Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH

The Bavarian machine manufacturer ROPA is acknowledged in Europe and all over the world as leader in the development and manufacture of machines for harvesting, cleaning and loading of sugar beet. 2012 saw the completion of 275 new machines. On the basis of this year's record sale ROPA is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of self-propelled machines for harvesting, cleaning and loading sugar beet. The present production programme includes the three-axle, six-, eight- or nine-row sugar beet harvesters, the euro-Tiger V8-3, euro-Tiger V8-4 (introduced at Agritechnica) as well as the cleaner loader euro-Maus 3, euro-Maus 4 and the euro-BunkerMaus 3. With the introduction of the NawaRo-Maus the production programme has been stronger oriented towards sustainable resources.

The company founded in 1986 by its Managing Director Herman Paintner is run by the family and has since undergone a phenomenal rise. The world of beet and beet harvesting is unimaginable without ROPA on account of their practice-orientated developments and long-term beet-focused way of thinking. At present a workforce of more than 270 people is employed at the production plant in Sittelsdorf and a further 170 staff members work in the five affiliated branches.

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