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Compact Schottky Barrier Diodes Featuring the Industry's Lowest VF

High current handling capability in a small form factor ideal for smartphones and other portable devices

(PresseBox) (Willich/Kyoto/Japan, ) ROHM has recently announced the development of the RBE series of compact Schottky barrier diodes featuring the lowest VF in the industry, making it ideal for portable applications requiring greater space savings, such as smartphones. Available in a range of packages, including the new ultra-compact VML2 measuring just 1.0 x 0.6mm optimized for high-density applications.

The growing trend towards greater functionality and sophistication in smartphones and other mobile devices while reducing size and maintaining or even prolonging battery life has led to a greater demand for ultra-compact components that minimize power consumption, in particular Schottky barrier diodes used in power supplies, where low VF and high average rectified current are required. However, up to now in order to reduce VF and increase current handling capability it has been necessary to increase chip size, making miniaturization difficult.

In response, ROHM significantly improved current efficiency by redesigning the diode element, decreasing VF by 32% over conventional products. This results in lower heat generation and higher rated current, enabling smaller packages to be used, which can reduce mounting area by up to 80%.

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