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technoLOGISTIX© by Rogler Software helps newspaper printers achieve a smooth flow of materials

(PresseBox) (Vienna, ) Rogler Software GmbH's exhibit at the Ifra Expo 2011 from October 10 to 12 in Vienna will cast a spotlight on logistics, using its tech-noLOGISTIX© solution to demonstrate how the flow of materials in the newspaper industry can be optimized.

Semi-commercials are increasingly in demand and the ever wider variety of substrates is accompanied by ever more complex logistical requirements to be met by newspaper printers. A software aided paper logistics system offers multiple opportunities to opti-mize workflows and leverage cost cutting potential. technoLOGISTIX© is a logistics solution developed by Rogler Software, specialized in business ap-plications for the graphic communications industry, that has already improved the efficiency of several European printers of commercial web offset pro-ducts. The manufacturer's exhibit at the Ifra Expo in Vienna will cast a spotlight on logistics and demonstrate how this innovative approach can help the international newspaper industry optimize its entire flow of materials.

Hannes Rogler, Managing Director of Rogler Software, sees the ability to identify the delivered paper rolls reliably and locate the semi-finished and finished products precisely on their journey around the facility as the key to economical material handling. technoLOGISTIX© is a practical and cost-efficient software solution that provides accurate information regarding the exact whereabouts of the goods at any time. Users benefit from a more transparent flow of materials and lower costs for capital-intensive paper stocks.

Everything flows smoothly

The required paper and other consumables can be ordered online using technoLOGISTIX©; the supplier labels the goods with a barcode or RFID and delivers them in accordance with a zero stock concept, for instance. When the goods arrive at the warehouse, a scanner reads the identification number of each individual roll. This data gives technoLOGISTIX© access to various important specifications like the quantity, format, grammage and order number, and the incoming goods are posted automatically. technoLOGISTIX© also notifies technoPLAN®, Rogler's Electronic Planning Board, and sets the status to "paper in stock".

The rolls or consumables are then either assigned to the appropriate storage position in the warehouse or dispatched direct to the web press. When a roll is retrieved from stock, it is supplied to the press in minimal time. This in-formation, too, is instantly visible to everyone on the Electronic Planning Board. technoLOGISTIX© keeps a close watch on which materials - and above all how much of each one - are consumed in the course of a particular order. The actual consumption is automatically booked to the order concerned. Residual quantities are entered in the system, re-labelled and placed in storage again to enable any remaining rolls to be managed efficiently.

Optimized logistics and warehousing at Drukkerij Moderna

Finished pallets are re-labelled directly at the web press and can then be transferred from one cost center to the next. Every pallet can be located easily in this way: technoLOGISTIX© indicates the current position of all semi-finished or finished products wherever they happen to be in the facility - a function that greatly simplifies tasks like combining different product parts at the saddle stitcher or adding pre-prints and inserts to the main product, and eliminates any risk of mix-ups. The finished products are transferred to the mailroom and checked to make sure the pallet being shipped is the right one before they leave the premises. Drukkerij Moderna, a commercial web offset printer in Paal-Beringen (Belgium), has meanwhile been using the technoLOGISTIX© module for more than two years, during which time it has optimized its internal logistics and warehousing systems in a durable way, according to Managing Director Eric Bongaerts.

In addition to the actual software, Rogler also supplies the necessary hard-ware such as the components for the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), wireless scanners and barcode printers to ease the successful implementation of its logistics solution.

Rogler Software will show the technoLOGISTIX® modul at Ifra Expo in Vienna in Hall A, Stand A460.