ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse

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ROCCAT, the new manufacturer of professional Gaming accessories, starts with a set of three products:

Keyboard, mouse and mouse pad – the essential input devices for ambitious gamers. All ROCCAT products are being developed at the ROCCAT Studios Hamburg by our product designers in close cooperation with the European gaming community.

ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse: The world’s first mouse without the Pick-Up-Flight problem

The ROCCAT Kone gaming mouse is the world’s first mouse to offer a solution to the typical problem of gamers lifting their mouse during gaming and dropping it left or right, whereas the sensor still scans the surface even at greater distances thus generating cursor movement. This phenomenon is the result of the amazing precision and sensitivity of the laser sensors. In order to eliminate this problem without cutting sensor power, ROCCAT was first to develop a Distance Control Unit (DCU).

Distance Control Unit The DCU constantly measures the distance between the mouse and the surface.

As soon as the distance exceeds a certain value, data transmission is being interrupted and the cursor remains in its position. Unwanted cursor movement is therefore not possible. The player can individually define the threshold distance within the driver. The ROCCAT Kone gaming mouse is the first mouse in the world to feature this capability.

Power without Compromise

Conventional gaming mice „solved“ the so called Pick-Up-Flight problem by reducing sensor power and alongside accepting heavy performance loss. On the contrary the ROCCAT Kone offers power without any compromise. The ProAim Gaming Sensor with true 2000dpi, 6.5 Megapixel resolution and a frame refresh rate of 7080 fps (frames per second) ensures perfect transmission of mouse movements at a maximum acceleration of 15G. 1ms response time, 1000Hz polling rate and an adjustable resolution from 800 to 2000dpi form the basis for optimum aiming accuracy.

Powerful inside

The 96kB internal memory allow 5 Game Profiles with a total of 12,800 key commands plus 12,800 timing commands to be stored on the mouse itself. Using the Macro Manager even complex macros can be programmed, each of which can contain 512 subsequent or parallel key commands. Since these macros are available even without having installed the driver, it is not important which computer the mouse is connected to. The internal 40MHz Turbocore Unit represents the power heart of this device. Every calculation is being processed internally by the mouse. This enables timing information for macros and reducing the actual CPU load for the benefit of game relevant processes.

Therefore this mouse has twice the performance power of other high class gaming mice.


The sophisticated light system illuminates the ROCCAT Kone in the colour of choice. Whether light blue, dark blue, red or yellow, the selection of colours is vast. And not enough of it! The mouse can display up to five different colours simultaneously. The colours can alternate and create various effects such as rotation, pulsation or heart beat in different speeds. If desirable the light can be switched off. With the Software Development Kit (SDK) light effects can be linked to certain functions.

Imagine the mouse illuminating when the player gets hit or a certain command being accompanied by the selected light effect. The SDK will be available for download on the ROCCAT website soon.

The Fastclip Weight Kit enables the player to adjust the weight of the ROCCAT Kone to individual preferences. The weight system contains four weights with 5g, 10g, 15g and 20g. The weight disc is being inserted into the slot on the underside of the mouse and the driver automatically indicates what weight has been inserted. A simple press of a button is enough to change the weights. The mouse feet ensure excellent gliding properties and make the mouse move silently over the selected surface.

Vehicle Control Mode By pressing a button the ROCCAT Kone can be set into joystick mode. When driving a jet, tank or other type of vehicle, the control can comfortably be adjusted. One more press of the button and the mouse will return to normal mode.

Price and Availability

The ROCCAT Kone gaming mouse was presented at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany last week and is expected to be available in a few weeks with a recommended retail price of 69.99 Euro.

ROCCAT Sense Mouse Pad

The special surface coating made from micro crystals bonded to a rubberized backing noticeably improves the gliding characteristics of the mouse. The coating ensures ultra-low friction between the mouse and the pad.
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