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ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse with new internal features

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) ROCCAT, the new manufacturer of professional gaming accessories, will shortly be launching a set of three products: keyboard, mouse and mouse pad - the essential input devices for ambitious gamers. All ROCCAT products are being developed at the ROCCAT Studios Hamburg by our product designers in close cooperation with the European gamer community.

ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse with new laser sensor The next generation of the ProAim Gaming Sensor with true 3000dpi, 6.5 megapixel resolution and a frame refresh rate of 7080 fps (frames per second) delivers perfect transmission of mouse movements at a maximum acceleration of 20G. The combination of a 1ms response time, 1000Hz polling rate and the ability to adjust the resolution in 6-steps between 800 and 3000dpi forms the basis for optimum aiming accuracy.

The ROCCAT Kone lights up in any colour - the lightpipes pulsate, the light rotates or beats like a heartbeat in definable rhythms The sophisticated light system illuminates the ROCCAT Kone in the colour of your choice. Whether light blue, dark blue, red or yellow - choose any colour you want, although sometimes it seems there just aren t enough to choose from! The mouse can light up in up to five different shades at the same time. The colours can change in definable rhythms and numerous effects such as rotation, pulsation or heart beat can be set at different speeds. If you want, the light can even be switched off.

Along with adjustment of the light system, the driver also allows many other settings to be configured as well. Six of the ten mouse buttons are programmable, the speed of the 4D scroll-wheel can be controlled, the sensitivities of the X and Y axes can be separately adjusted and acceleration can be set.

Internal memory - Playback macros without a driver 96kB of internal memory allows 5 Game Profiles with a total of 12,800 key commands plus 12,800 timing commands to be stored on the mouse itself. Using the Macro Manager even complex macros can be programmed, each of which can contain 512 subsequent or parallel key commands for each mouse button. Since these macros are available even without having to install the driver, it doesn t matter which computer the mouse is connected to; the macros can be called up at any time.

Powerful inside The internal 40MHz Turbo Core Unit represents the powerful heart of this device. Every calculation is processed internally by the mouse. Timing information can be assigned to macros and the actual CPU load can be reduced to the benefit of game-relevant processes. As a result, this mouse has double the performance power of other high-class gaming mice.

The first ROCCAT Gaming Mouse is a mouse for righties. The majority of gamers use their right hand for controlling the mouse; even lefties often play games using their right hand. To find a shape which suited the majority of gamers, numerous tests were performed on willing candidates from the gaming scene. The faceplate of the mouse is finished with a special rubber coating which gamers really liked thanks to the extra grip it provides.

Fastclip Weight Kit

The Fastclip Weight Kit enables the player to adjust the weight of the ROCCAT Kone to suit individual preferences. The weight system contains four weights: 5g, 10g, 15g and 20g. The weight disc is simply inserted into the slot on the underside of the mouse and the driver automatically indicates which weight has been inserted. A simple press of a button is all that s needed to change the weight disc.

The mouse feet have excellent gliding properties and allow the mouse to slide silently over the surface.

René Korte, Managing Director of ROCCAT Studios Hamburg "The rescheduled release of our first product, the ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse, has been worthwhile. We have been able to improve the mouse immensely over the past few months: it s not just surface sampling precision that has been increased; the light system has been decisively optimised once again as well. We are pleased and confident that the ROCCAT Kone will be available in stores in April."

ROCCAT Kone - Pricing and Availability The ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse is expected to be available in stores from April for a RRP of €69.99.

ROCCAT Sense Mousepad

The ROCCAT Sense Mousepad will be presented at the same as the ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse. At an extremely thin 1.35mm, the textile Sense Mousepad offers minimum friction thanks to its microcrystalline coating. And measuring in at a generous 400x280mm, the gamer has more than enough room for movement. The rubberised patterning on the back provides non-slip grip on any surface.

ROCCAT Sense - Pricing and Availability The ROCCAT Sense Mousepad will be available in stores at the same time as the ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse for a RRP of €19.99.