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Hamburg English releases new online language tests for employees and job applicants.

Worldwide online level testing based upon the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communications) Solutions for the improvement of English communication within companies.

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) In the growing world of intercontinental business, a standard is needed to allow companies to correctly assess and qualify their employees and potential employees. This, once localised to just the job skill, must now include language. The TOEIC is the largest international standard available. Now HamburgEnglish closes the gap between learning English and sitting the official TOEIC Exam with a range of services for people to build confidence and prepare in advance of sitting the test.

Additionally, HamburgEnglish now offers companies the opportunity of a fair and standardised instant estimation service for their employees and job applicants and in doing so, makes the decision to adopt the TOEIC as a standard tool for English language assessment easier for companies.

HamburgEnglish have just released a new online testing service for companies. Companies can now test the English ability of their employees or job applicants and within seconds, receive a report by email to their chosen email address. The service, called Hamburg English Quick-Test, will test a person’s listening, reading and speaking ability and takes approximately 45 minutes.

For people wishing to sit the TOEIC test, HamburgEnglish have developed their new TOEIC estimate test. This test is able to estimate a person’s TOEIC level and can build the confidence of test takers before they sit the official test. The test estimates a person’s TOEIC levels in both reading and listening comprehension and also on an overall basis. This gives people wishing to sit the test not only an opportunity to learn the test's procedures and formulation, but also to assess the amount of training they need to reach the TOEIC score they desire. Moreover, it gives them the confidence they need to register for and sit the official test.

The results from the above tests can be compared with the official TOEIC "to-do" tables which can be downloaded from or From this comparison, a person will be able to see their approximate level and the amount of training they need.

The new TOEIC preparation area at has hundreds of TOEIC questions and is full of tips and advice to prepare test takers for the official test. The preparation area also includes a unique performance monitor, which can graphically show a person's score and ability for each section or question type of the TOEIC and therefore allows test takers to see and concentrate their training on their weaknesses. The new area also includes exercises for the new speaking module of the TOEIC. When a preparation member decides they wish to sit the official TOEIC test, they can register with HamburgEnglish to sit the test in Hamburg, Germany or they can register with any of the official test centres worldwide.

The tests above and the TOEIC preparation training area have been developed by, and in support of the principles and ideas behind the TOEIC.

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