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Lasting solutions for the sugar confectionery industry

(PresseBox) (Muri, ) Robatech AG domiciled in Muri (Canton Aargau, Switzerland) supports the sugar confectionery industry in the packaging of sweets, chewing gum and chocolate with its hotmelt adhesive systems in a sustained manner.

At the ProSweets Cologne 2012 exhibition Robatech AG presents efficient adhesive application solutions in hall 10.1 / passage B 40. The highlights SpeedStarTM Diamond, SXTM Diamond, RobaVisTM, InfoPlusTM and Concept DiamondTM will impress the visitors with their innovative pluses. The Robatech exhibition stand, moreover, stands out in its entirely new appearance.

Robatech offers customized packaging solutions for the sugar confectionery industry. Small folding boxes are normally used for sweets and chewing gum, and cardboard sheaths and wrappers for bars of chocolate. They feature particularly small glued flaps which must be glued neatly and precisely not least in the interest of an effective presentation at the POS. The hotmelt applicator heads SpeedStarTM Diamond used for this purpose set entirely new standards when it comes to speed, durability and precision. The SpeedStarTM heads are a world novelty and capable of placing up to 800 dots of adhesive per second. With these applicator heads Robatech has succeeded in combining extremely short switching cycles with a high wear resistance. In spite of temperatures of up to 185 °C and viscosities of up to 5000mPas the SpeedStarTM Diamond devices reach a much longer useful life than conventional heads. The SpeedStarTM heads are especially precise because the stroke of the shut-off needle is monitored and automatically adjusted. The repetition accuracy is outstandingly good since dot size and position are guaranteed without manual adjustment throughout the head's life. A further advantage is the reduced adhesive consumption thanks to smaller dot sizes or the stitching function. The heat-resistant cool-touch insulation clearly improves the energy efficiency and protects the operating personnel from burns. At the same time it ensures that sweets of e.g. chocolate which heat up quickly don't start to melt.

User-friendly operating surface and networkable electronics

A further Robatech product which scores with its sustainability is the new hotmelt applicator Concept DiamondTM of the Greenline series. Its insulation and the adhesive distributor clearly result in an energy saving while protecting the operator from injury. The device is based on latest technologies such as the networkable ICS-Net electronics and the user-friendly RobaVisTM touch screen for straightforward and intuitive operation. The information and operating terminal can also be installed in an external housing. To guarantee a constant quantity of adhesive in the applicator head the Concept devices can be connected to the automatic RobaFeedTM system. This fills the melting tank directly from a separate granulate container, i.e. manual refilling is no longer needed. It improves the safety of the personnel and prevents tank contamination.

Intelligent information system

The operating data software InfoPlus(TM) developed for the RobaVisTM touch screen records data of the adhesive applicator system permanently, creates a log from them, calculates consumption data for further optimization and generates messages for preventive maintenance. The intelligent software thus enables easy access to system data which is available as a central information platform for onward processing and to support operating and service personnel.