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Riedel Rocknet 100 - the 3-in-1 Digital Audio Network Solution for Yamaha Digital Consoles

(PresseBox) (Orlando, USA, ) Riedel Communications, one of the leading providers of intercom, audio and fibre network solutions, introduces the new RockNet 100. RockNet 100 is a cost-effective, high-quality 3-in-1 audio interface bundled with an expansion card for Yamaha digital mixing consoles. The audio interface combines the input and output sections of three RockNet 300 devices into one 19"/3RU digital stage-box. Beyond digital multicore applications RockNet 100 gives full access to the highly acclaimed RockNet digital audio network solutions.

RockNet 100 incorporates the functionality of three RockNet 300 devices in one single unit, resulting in 16 line/microphone-inputs (with 48V phantom power) and 8 line-outputs. The audio interface features the same high-class preamps like the RockNet-300-series. Their gain provides a range of -66 dB to 6 dB in steps of 1 dB. With a transport capacity of up to 80 channels RockNet 100 is especially suited for smaller setups - for example as a digital multicore. The connection between the RockNet audio interface and the RockNet expansion card for Yamaha consoles is established via CAT5. The redundant ring topology of RockNet via CAT5 cabeling offers maximum reliability. A connection failure between two devices doesn't cause any audio loss. The self-healing ring topology offers significant advantages in performance, consistency and flexibility. The proprietary technology Concrete(TM) ensures a jitter-free operation of the audio network. To protect amplifiers and speakers when turning channels on or off, RockNet features an auto-mute circuit.

RockNet 100 modules can be seamlessly integrated into any RockNet 300 installation. The RockNet RN.141.MY expansion card for digital Yamaha mixing consoles enables full remote control over all connected RockNet modules. In addition the RockWorks software and the front panel of each modules provide easy and hands-on configuration of the whole RockNet audio network. RockWorks is available for Windows and Mac OS X and allows extensive configuration and remote control of any device in the whole RockNet installation over a single USB connection.

RockNet's rugged steel enclousure are made for heavy duty road use and offer the distinct advantage of magnetic shielding.

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