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Fleet-Wide switch

Cutting Edge upgrades to "Cutting edge" Riedel Technology

(PresseBox) (Brisbane, Australia, ) Cutting Edge, a leading Australian broadcast services company, has announced a fleet-wide switch to Riedel Communications for all of its intercom needs. The company has purchased 4 Artist digital intercom matrix frames and over 100 intercom control panels to replace the previous intercom in its outside broadcast vehicles and fly-away packs.

"The real motivation to switch to Riedel was the advantages of going with newer technology," explained Michael Burton, Managing Director of Cutting Edge. "Since the system uses AES audio we can employ the talkback infrastructure for other applications as well, such as on-air commentator positions. On top of that, the overall quality is much higher. For example, with our old gear we previously had a loss of audio quality on long cable runs. But Artist s AES audio in combination with the ability to use CAT-5, coax or even fiber cabling for the control panels solves this issue."

Cutting Edge, founded in 1992, employs over 120 people and operates a fleet of five outside broadcast vehicles as well as offering a variety of fly-away options. The company s credits include sport productions such as Australian Rules football, cricket, soccer and rugby as well as entertainment shows including Big Brother and Gladiators. The organization operates the largest fleet of HD capable production vehicles in Australia.

According to Burton, Cutting Edge has extensive experience deploying the latest fiber-based solutions. "We ve pioneered fiber in the past for applications like multiplexing video, audio and data. Integrating talkback into that infrastructure will be a great advantage." One example of such integration can be found at the Australian production of Big Brother. There, two of Cutting Edge s Artist intercom frames were connected via fiber to form a single non-blocking matrix. Riedel s PMX panel multiplexers were also used to connect multiple panels located a long distance from the rest of the system to an Artist mainframe over a single duplex fiber. The PMX multiplexers are available in versions supporting either four or eight panels and either single or multi-mode fiber. "These kinds of fiber solutions mean a shorter rigging time and more robust connectivity", Burton said.

Burton described the process of switching to Riedel. "We d looked at the Riedel systems a few times in the past but the decision really came about after meeting Thomas Riedel and learning more about the company. The philosophy behind Riedel is really very similar to our own. Riedel offers solutions that actually work for the customer instead of just working for the business. We look forward to working with Riedel in the future."

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