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RFMD® Announces Availability of 3G Transmit System

(PresseBox) (Barcelona,Spain, ) RF Micro Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq GS: RFMD), a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance radio systems and solutions, today announced general market availability of the RF6280 3G transmit system, a flexible 3G multi-mode solution designed to simplify and accelerate implementation of multi-band and multi-mode 3G handsets and mobile device platforms.

RFMD’s RF6280 3G transmit system supports all major WCDMA frequency bands and is comprised of a front end power management IC optimized for use with either one or both of two available power amplifier (PA) options: the RF6281 and/or the RF6285. The RF6281 is a dedicated single-band power amplifier module (supporting Band I), and the RF6285 is a flexible dual-path, multi-band power amplifier module (capable of supporting Bands I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII, IX). The centerpiece of the 3G transmit system is the RF6280 front end power management IC, which combines a low-noise, high efficiency DC to DC converter with embedded hardware control algorithms to enable best-in-class efficiency, enhanced performance and improved ease-of-use.

The RF6280 utilizes analog bias control and patent-pending DC to DC conversion technologies to intelligently and dynamically control PA operating conditions. Enabling mode-optimized PA efficiency and linearity performance, the RF6280 also ensures maximum efficiency across all power levels, data rates (voice-only to HSPA) and non-ideal load conditions (also known as "antenna mismatch"). This helps extend battery life and significantly reduces average thermal dissipation, both of which are critical metrics to handset manufacturers.

By leveraging the broadband characteristics of the dual-band RF6285, RFMD’s 3G transmit system greatly simplifies the implementation of multi-mode, multi-region 3G handset platforms. In addition, by leveraging a balanced (quadrature) PA architecture, the 3G transmit system provides improved total radiated power (TRP) and specific absorption rate (SAR) performance, eliminating the need for costly RF isolators and greatly simplifying multi-band platform implementation.

Paul Augustine, general manager of RFMD’s Components Solutions Business Unit, said, "RFMD’s RF6280 3G transmit system extends RFMD’s position as the leading supplier of WCDMA power amplifiers and demonstrates our ability to deliver innovative, industry-leading products to the marketplace. The RF6280 3G transmit system provides customers the flexibility to design a single platform that can support multiple WCDMA bands simply by changing filter components. No change to the RF layout of the phone board is necessary."

The compact design of the RF6280 transmit system enables a significant reduction in the space requirements of a tri-band WCDMA solution, including filtering and front end power management, as compared to competitive solutions. When combined with the benefits of improved TRP and SAR and best-in-class efficiency, the RF6280 3G transmit system delivers a compelling solution to customers seeking highly efficient, cost-effective and flexible WCDMA platforms.

RFMD is the industry leader in WCDMA front ends, and RFMD is the industry leader in TRP-compliant 3G multi-mode front ends, reducing variation in output power into mismatched antennas.

Total radiated power (TRP) is the measure of a mobile device’s radiated output power. TRP is a function of the output power of the PA, the antenna’s radiation efficiency and the PA’s sensitivity to antenna mismatch. Antenna mismatch occurs in all handsets and is more predominant in multi-band handsets because of the increase in the number of bands supported by the antenna. As a result of antenna mismatch, handsets can operate below planned output power, resulting in dropped calls, or above planned output power, resulting in decreased talk time, poor call quality and reduced data rates. Improvements in TRP increase network efficiency, network coverage and data throughput while also reducing the frequency of dropped calls.

The RF6280, RF6281 and RF6285 all comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and are available for sampling. RF6280 3G transmit system pricing in 10,000-piece quantities is $5.00.


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