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PLOTBASE|PM Version 5.3 now available

RATIO presents the latest version of its plot management software PLOTBASE|PM with many new features such as AutoCAD 2008 and Windows Vista support

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) PLOTBASE|PM, the intelligent output management and cost control software for wide-format output devices, is now available in version 5.3. Compared to version 5.2, PLOTBASE|PM 5.3 offers many new features to meet the current market requirements.

PLOTBASE|PM is now Windows Vista compatible

All PLOTBASE|PM 5.3 client applications run both on the 32-bit and on the faster 64-bit edition of Windows Vista. Users can enjoy the convenient and easy-to-use features of PLOTBASE|PM also with the new Microsoft operating system.

PLOTBASE|PM supports AutoCAD 2008

The latest release of the leading CAD software AutoCAD is now fully supported by PLOTBASE|PM 5.3. PLOTBASE|PM's PLOTCLIENT|HDI, which allows printing directly out of AutoCAD has been updated according to the newest version AutoCAD 2008. Also, the native AutoCAD 2008 file formats DWG, DWF and DXF are supported by PLOTBASE|PM 5.3. Thanks to the successful development partnership with Autodesk, RATIO added a new feature to PLOTBASE|PM. With 5.3, PLOTBASE|PM is able to convert CAD files to DWF files in the print-to-file mode.

PLOTBASE|PM offers optimized color management due to ink limitation

Depending on media structure, image quality and image content, each printout requires individual settings for the amount of ink applied. PLOTBASE|PM is the first plot management system that allows users to adjust the amount of ink according to media type, desired quality and content to display. For instance, a line drawing in low quality on a light paper requires only a little ink application. This setting can now easily be made in PLOTBASE|PM to receive the best possible printouts.

New Feature: "Border Trim" - Adjusting the printable area

Most color plotters have a smaller printable area than B/W LED plotters. As a result, color printouts are bigger than the original document size. In case an A1 drawing is printed, the size of the paper is often A0 to make sure no data at the margins is lost. For further processing like folding, the drawings have to be manually trimmed to the original size. This step reduces the throughput time and increases paper consumption dramatically.

To avoid this time and paper waste, RATIO developed Border Trim. Border Trim is a unique solution that allows user to adjust the print margins in a way that color printouts will match exactly the size of the drawing. A1 drawings can be printed on A1 paper. No further trimming is necessary and paper usage is at its optimum.

New Feature: Global Selection of Halftone Settings for all formats

To print color drawings as B/W or grey, it was previously necessary to select the Halftone Settings for each individual format and device. With PLOTBASE|PM 5.3 Halftone Settings can be selected globally and are now device independent for each format.

Higher output speed for drafts on HP Design Jet

Printing in draft-mode on the HP Design Jet 4000 and Design Jet 4500 out of PLOTBASE|PM 5.3 is now much faster than sending the print job directly to the devices.

Novell support

RATIO announces that PLOTBASE|PM 5.3 now supports Novell network environments.

Device support With version 5.3 the following devices have been added for fully managed support by PLOTBASE|PM:
- CANON imagePROGRAF 500
- CANON imagePROGRAF 600
- CANON imagePROGRAF 700
- CANON imagePROGRAF 8000
- Mutoh DrafStation RJ-900
- Seiko Teriostar LP-1010
- Seiko Teriostar LP-1010MF

PLOTBASE|PM is the leading solution for hardware independent management of wide-format input and output devices. Plotters, scanners, folders and copiers from different manufacturers can easily be combined and controlled out of one Client/Server application.

Large format printing is always a cost-intensive process and results mostly in non-transparent expenses at the end of an accounting period. To avoid such surprises, PLOTBASE|PM tracks all output related costs such toner, ink, paper and overhead costs for each print job. Furthermore, PLOTBASE|PM can link the incurred costs to projects, account numbers, cost centers or users. This functionality is the basis for full cost optimization and offers the ability to accurately and automatically charge customers for the cost of printing

RATIO Entwicklungen GmbH

RATIO wurde 1986 gegründet und ist heute ein weltweit operierendes Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Hamburg. RATIO ist darauf spezialisiert, innovative Großformat-Lösungen, mit denen das tägliche Drucken, Scannen und Kopieren leichter und effizienter wird, zu entwickeln und zu vermarkten. Alle RATIO Produkte sind kompatibel mit den gängigen Schnittstellen und verwenden geltende Standards. So können RATIO Produkte leicht in eine bereits bestehende Infrastruktur integriert werden.

Zur Unterstützung der RATIO Partner im amerikanischen Markt wurde 2001 in Chicago eine Zweigstelle gegründet, die für den technischen Support und die Verkaufsunterstützung in Amerika verantwortlich ist.

Mit mehr als 20 Jahren Erfahrung im Großformat und dem Fokus auf unserem Hauptgeschäft - der Entwicklung von Software und Controllern für das Großformat - ist RATIO heute einer der führenden Lösungsanbieter mit einer installierten Basis von weit über 40.000 Einheiten.

Um den höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen zu entsprechen und die neusten Technologien zu unterstützen, arbeitet RATIO mit den führenden Technologiepartnern wie Microsoft, Autodesk, Bentley, Adobe, Abbyy und MySQL zusammen. Daneben arbeitet RATIO mit den führenden Hardwareherstellern zusammen, um die komplexen Geräte in die RATIO Produkte mit einzubinden.