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Thanks a million, Abacus!

(PresseBox) (Grafenberg, ) Highly successful partnership between RAMPF and the Black Country’s up-and-coming Abacus Technologies

Grafenberg, May 18, 2016. Sales for Abacus Technologies have taken off rapidly: Founded in May 2015, the company has already reached its £1 million sales milestone in April this year with its comprehensive service and product offering for tooling and modelling. This is a reason for celebrations both at Abacus Technologies and RAMPF Tooling Solutions, which provides its UK-based distribution partner with high-quality RAKU-TOOL® products for styling, modelling, and design.

Abacus Technologies was launched with the aim of bringing a fresh approach in the manufacture of tools for customers in the automotive, aerospace, marine, renewable energy, and foundry industries. By using innovative material solutions and technology, the company has already given strong impetus to move these industries further forward.

Having just recently reached a turnover of £1m, Abacus Technologies is well positioned for further growth by ensuring that its processes are lean, identifying new market opportunities, and helping introduce high-performance solutions for its customers.

Harry Curtis, Technical Director at Abacus Technologies, understands the supply and demand of tooling and modelling materials well, having had the benefit of 30 years in the industry – “It’s an exciting business we are in, and it’s a pleasure working in conjunction with RAMPF Tooling Solutions, who we think produces the best materials in the industry. Their expertise in material manufacturing, coupled with our knowledge and experience in the UK market, have facilitated the rapid expansion of our customer base, our successful sales, and return of investments within the first 12 months of start-up. This is a great achievement and I am very proud of the results that we have delivered.”

Abacus Technologies has been a designated distribution partner of RAMPF Tooling Solutions since May 20, 2015, offering the German companies’ portfolio of high-quality RAKU-TOOL® products and solutions. This includes new technologies like Close Contour Castings and Close Contour Pastes, which allow for faster and more economic model production with reduced waste, as well as the well-known RAKU-TOOL® boards of which RAMPF is the largest producer worldwide.

“RAMPF Tooling Solutions is proud to have a partner in Abacus Technologies that offers outstanding design services, provides technologies that will advance manufacturing on a global scale, and is excellently positioned in the UK. We look forward to continuing the successful partnership – and would like to say thanks a million!”, says Heinz Horbanski, Managing Director of RAMPF Tooling Solutions.