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RaamProducts announced at CeBIT 2011 DataSilo

The European ECM-application and SaaS archive in the Cloud

(PresseBox) (Purmerend, ) RaamProducts specialising in enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and the European distributor of Digitech Systems, announced at CeBIT 2011 the launch of DataSilo from Digitech Systems. DataSilo is the European version of ImageSilo, a full ECM implementation and archive SaaS solution in the Cloud and is hosted in European data centers that meet the highest standards in the industry.

With the supply of DataSilo powered by PaperVision® Enterprise customers can deploy this solution from RaamProducts as a hosted archiving environment. The application is the European version of ImageSilo and users can save images and documents in their preferred European country complying with European and local laws and regulations. Furthermore include date formats, currencies and languages fully customized for the European user.

ImageSilo in the U.S. has been functional for over 12 years and has proven itself as operationally solid and reliable solution with tens of thousands of users daily. The application offers 24 / 7 online direct access to stored information without additional investment in hardware, software or IT personnel. This secure and field-tested service of Digitech Systems makes the outsourcing of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) possible. It improves business processes and customer service with direct, online access to information. IT departments can easily manage growing volumes of data and the ever increasing requirement for data maintenance application. There are no requirements for major upfront investment, the user pay for what they use with a reasonable monthly fee.

Lion Tokkie, CEO of RaamProducts: "DataSilo from Digitech Systems is a full ECM suite with email archiving and full integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint."

Provided with DataSilo is a powerful capture engine which allows the capture of data, documents, and any other unstructured data. This can be achieved from any email or file location which effectively means any workstation with a browser can act as a scanning station. CaptureSilo is the professional cloud solution for decentralised and centralised scanning and the automatic feeding of any business application, specifically - Microsoft SharePoint

Tokkie continues: "The big advantage of the ECM SaaS is that the customer pays only for what they use. That also means no investment is needed or storage infrastructure or Data management, allowing the customer has no storage restrictions and can expand without massive infrastructure costs. More DataSilo storage can be ordered today and is operationally available tomorrow."

RaamProducts at CeBIT 2011 is available on the Inotec stand in Hall 3 / Booth G30.


RaamProducts The Enterprise Content Management Company, is an organization that specializes in all aspects of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Because as the volume of documents and unstructured data grows, these companies have difficulties in managing the data information. RaamProducts makes it possible for any type of business to manage this data in an effective and secure way. The customer can store any type data unstructured or structured such as paper documents, electronic files, e-mail messages and print output as part of the solution. By lowering the cost of the ECM framework the advantage of ECM product is that a cost center can change to a generator of substantial savings and is thus a critical factor in any well managed company.

RaamProducts specializes in all aspects of Enterprise Content Management and is the European Distributor of DIGITECH Systems. Providing the unique SaaS ImageSilo® DataSilo® and in-house PaperVision® Enterprise product suites, RaamProducts reseller network will reduce content management costs, increase data and document security, create compliance and improve efficiency of business processes for all of their customers.