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End Clients Across Industries Reap Rewards from Mobile Research

(PresseBox) (Köln-Hürth, ) Engaging audiences and capturing insights through mobile phones is becoming more and more common for brands of all kinds. The event will address the opportunities and challenges, while revealing experience from a wide set of applications. Register now to network with the industry¹s leading lights:

X Factor Engages Viewers, Right Through to the End

One popular myth of mobile research is, it is only good for short surveys. Not true! Debunking that myth, Ipsos and Apollo Mobile conducted mobile interactive research for the popular television show X Factor, during it's two-hour season finale. 200 viewers were recruited to participate and asked to keep their mobiles on-hand throughout the show. The research was run with moderation (like a qualitative focus group) using stimulus provided in real time through the television. The results? High engagement levels, with 75% of respondents active through the end. Even better, almost three quarters of the event participants said that taking part in the research had enhanced their enjoyment of the show. AJ Johnson, Vice President at Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, will reveal more detail about this while moderating the panel: Debunking the Myths of Mobile Research at MRC2 011.

BSkyB Gets 360º Campaign Evaluation in 10 days

Fiona Blades, Chief Experience Officer at MESH Planning, will describe her 10 days that shook campaign evaluation, working with BSkyB on CSI - Campaign Scene Investigation. In the fast-moving, action oriented world of the media giant, rapid and actionable results were called for by Louise Sharpe, Programme Research Manager at Sky, so MESH turned to mobile technology. It's a fascinating tale of the benefits of strong collaborative relationships; piloting experience tracking on the Sky broadband summer campaign; how they developed a new set of benchmarks and created a rapid response process, tested by MESH during the UK general election in May 2010. In their session 360º Campaign Evaluation in 10 days Fiona and Louise will give a fresh level of insight into campaign evaluation through a tried and tested rapid response process and to report on its business impact.

HELLO! Magazine Brings Readers to Life

HELLO! Magazine and Thinktank will share details of how they got readers to make short videos about themselves and their lives, providing vivid insights into their personalities, reading habits and brand relationships.

FIFA Fans, Revealed!

The Nielsen Company will talk about their study of FIFA World Cup 2010 fans, who were the subject for a longitudinal digital ethnography study on engagement, media consumption and brand purchasing/awareness.

Diageo, IBM and Microsoft Look to Developing Markets

In his opening keynote, Txteagle's Nathan Eagle will reveal how they employed mobile-connected locals' to provide Diageo, IBM and Microsoft with vital information about developing markets.

Tomorrow Focus Focuses on Tomorrow

The German media giant embraces mobile technologies to investigate the reach of their smartphone and iPad applications. Karin Rothstock joins the panel discussion Debunking the Myths of Mobile Research to share her experience in applied mobile research, for both the company and advertising clients.

See the full programme online, and see why corporate, agency and academic researchers alike are coming to London next month for the third annual Mobile Research Conference. With the legendary Liz Nelson and tech-savvy Tim Macer as your masters of ceremony for the two-day event, you're bound to learn a thing or two.

Make the Most of the Event!

- MRC Awards - With the goal of encouraging and recognizing innovation, the MRC Awards will make its debut at the networking party on 18 April. Wanted: cutting-edge examples of mobile research in action, with 'insights' unforeseen through traditional modes. Extra kudos for flair, creativity and the ability to demonstrate clear business value! Review guidelines and submit story

- Sponsorships - There are still a few options available to provide more visibility at the event. If you're interested, check out sponsorship opportunities available and get in touch. A special thanks to our current partners and sponsors. Review sponsorship opportunities

Straight From the Horses' Mouths (and Thumbs)

Sabine Stork, Founding Partner of Thinktank

"The one key advantage that mobile has over any other method is that we can be with people in the time and place they experience a certain sector or brand." Read the blog!

"When you're at a conference and the people sitting to your right, left, and in front of you are all on their mobile phones while the presenters speak, the question of whether mobile is a valid medium for research seems to have answered itself." - Robert Bain, 'Mobile Research - are we engaged', Research magazine, 9 March 2010.