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DICOM Calibration Software PerfectLum 3.0 Released

QUBYX, a technology contributor to medical imaging and color management industries, has released its medical display calibration software PerfectLum Version 3

(PresseBox) (Nice, ) QUBYX has announced the official release of the new version 3 of its medical display calibration and verification software PerfectLum. The software is designed to improve imaging precision of medical monitors, used for X-Ray viewing, mammoghraphy, MRI and other radiology subindustries, and is based on such standards, as NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF, AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1.

PerfectLum 3.0 performs DICOM, CIE L* and Gamma calibration on white and all gray levels, allowing more accurate images and more exact readings for radiology professionals. The software verifies DICOM conformance, checks the white level, luminance level, and display consistency over time, using customized test patterns. Other important features include flexible tasks scheduling, using reminders; detailed reports with graphs, that are stored in automatically backed up history database; calibration of multiple monitors connected to one workstation; free remote control license, allowing to manage multiple workstations or locations from the server.

The new version of PerfectLum allows a much faster and higher-quality calibration along with a user-friendlier interface and more detailed calibration reports, as compared to version 2.0. New features like display consistency check were added. Moreover, version 3.0 is considerably safer, with its automatic database back up, password-protected preferences and LUT security (LUT is applied only after its quality is verified, poor LUT result will not be applied and the display will be set to pre-calibration status). In addition to this, PerfectLum version 3.0 supports more models of displays and measurement devices, than its predecessor. Upgrade from version 2.0 can be done easily, with all history and preferences data transferred to the new version automatically.

"We are very grateful to our customers and partners for providing constant feedback on our products. It is their suggestions that helped us to create the new improved version of PerfectLum," says Marc Leppla, Director and CTO of QUBYX. "We hope this update will ensure even higher performance of medical monitors for our customers."

PerfectLum display calibration software provides confidence in display image quality for radiology professionals and easy full-time quality control for QA technicians. Highly precise images on PerfectLum calibrated displays allow more accurate diagnosis, which is a matter of health care quality for radiologists.

The ability of PerfectLum to set up calibration and monitoring tasks from a central server contributes to considerable time and cost saving. Moreover, professional monitors quality will be maintained throughout their usable life, with PerfectLum making them function much longer. Now clinics do not have to update their displays in the course of time, which allows substantial cost savings. Due to its Windows and Mac compatibility, as well as multiple monitor and sensor models support, PerfectLum version 3.0 can be easily used on almost any medical imaging system, already functioning in a radiology location.

A trial version of QUBYX PerfectLum is available for download at


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