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Rude Robots Help Make Learning Fun!

(PresseBox) (Nottingham, ) Farting, burping, walking, and talking robots are being used to help teach children all about robotics and programming in schools. The well-known 'humanoid' robot from Wowwee Technologies, the RobosapienT V2 (RSV2) is wowing pupils in school by helping them learn how to program robots as part of the national curriculum. By combining Go-Robo software from Q4 Technologies with the RSV2, children are able to program the cheeky RSV2 to walk, talk, dance, high-five, lie down, stand up, throw a ball and even fart on command!

Inventor of the RSV2, Dr Mark Tilden commented: "Modern kids are sophisticated, they demand to be kept engaged. With computer games and high-tech gadgets freely available, schools need to offer exciting resources to engage their students. Robots allow kids to access the world via computers, to understand that scientific possibilities are endless. The RSV2 allows a child to shake hands with their own work which really brings science to life.

"The future of robotics is such that robots will play a large role in the future from robo-tourism, manufacturing and home use as well as tele-assistance (using robots where humans can not go such as in fires or collapsed buildings). Robots will play a massive part of future technology and I'm delighted that robots are moving into education. By itself, the RSV2 is an engaging resource but coupled with Go-Robo software each robot gains a depth of personality which really brings it to life taking education into a whole new level."

In January 2008, Minister Jim Knight announced the Government's intention to invest £140 million to make science and maths lessons more exciting. The RSV2 is a resource which is already being used by schools to help enrich and engage students and make learning fun. Walking, talking robots are still rare enough to capture the imagination of pupils, enabling teachers to teach in an innovative way. Learners can program the robots to perform a number of different tasks from farting and burping to group hugs! Children can also add music and sounds to enable the creation of robotic dance routines which really bring the robots to life.

LEA Consultant, Janet Simner uses the RSV2 to teach control technology to year 8 pupils at the Nottingham e-Learning Centre, she commented: "Using the RSV2, pupils are able to learn about programming in a fun and engaging way. The students can learn how control technology works and see for themselves how the programs they write can really come to life. The RSV2 is a fantastic classroom resource and is a must for teaching control and robotics.

"Sometimes I don't think toy manufacturers realise what they've got. It's only when you put an educationalist with the toy that you begin to realise that they can be very powerful learning tools. Whoever said that education shouldn't be fun is wrong - it has to be!"

Mark Tilden added: "It's always been an ambition of mine to get our robots used in education. I'd love to see robotics on every school curriculum and every child having the chance to learn about it."

One year 8 student commented: "I think the RSV2 is very cool and it doesn't even seem like we're in school. It seems like we're just having a brilliant time."

Further classroom resources to enhance use of Wowwee robots and details of Go-Robo Programmer can be found at