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Blue Marlin – wins the red dot award for product design

(PresseBox) (Dietlikon , ) An unusual design lends form to good ideas and distinguishes products in the global market place. As a pioneer in the floor laying sector, Profloor Technology was aware of this fact when it launched the Blue Marlin brand and the product family bearing the same name. The concept was marketed around the globe with great success. "The result of the red dot award 2008 has proven us right and encouraged us to concentrate even more in future on design and quality and pursue the path that we have chosen," stated Achim Eller and Moritz Mühlebach, the two managing directors of Profloor Technology. The company has received awards on many occasions for innovations. Out of more than 3,200 products representing 51 countries, which were presented to the 24-member expert jury for judging, the "Blue Marlin Knife" was awarded the "red dot" prize for the quality of its design. The red dot is one of the greatest and prestigious international design competitions. The huge rise in the number of applications in recent years for the red dot award is testimony to the growing significance of high quality designs.

The ergonomic universal knife with the award-winning design

Profloor Technology has been developing tools and processes for interior furnishers and floor layers for more than ten years. "Good design is a matter for the sector and why shouldn't the tool industry come up with something that is eye-catching and incorporates a high degree of user-friendliness?" explained Mühlebach, who designed the knife that was his inspiration for the Blue Marlin project.

Quality and functionality are united in the "Blue Marlin Knife" with a special sense for aesthetics and unequivocal form language. During development of the first wooden prototype the focus was on a trendy design and ergonomic handling. This Swiss development expertise and the fascination for a well-designed tradesman's tool were given prominence in the fish design. The streamlined outer contour of the finely brushed aluminium casting underlines the value of the product and is convincing with its innovative and sleek design.

The "Blue Marlin Knife" fulfils all the needs of a professional tool to give a clean cut. Up to ten blades can be stored in the body of the knife. Two magnets restrain the cutting and spare blades and stop them from falling out when changing a blade. The thumb wheel in the middle of the body of the knife allows it to be opened and closed single-handed and in a matter of seconds, without additional tools.

The Blue Marlin knife comes with a case who's carefully thought out design and functionality enhance user-friendliness and avoid injuries.

The red dot design award

The red dot design award goes back to 1955 and, today, is one of the biggest and prestigious design competitions in the world. It is subdivided into various disciplines "red dot award: product design", "red dot award: communication design" and "red dot award: design concept", that has been hosted in Singapore annually since 2005. In 2007 the competition attracted more than 7,000 applications from 60 countries.

Profloor Technology GmbH

Ever since its foundation in 1996, Profloor Technology GmbH, headquartered in Switzerland, has been a leader in the development and production of award-winning tools and machines for the floor covering industry. Global patents, a dense production network in Eastern Europe and Asia as well as exclusive development know-how and consistent high quality are success factors that have made Profloor Technology a global player within in the trade. A finely woven distribution network markets Profloor Technology products in Europe, USA and Australia under the recognised and protected Shark logo as well as private label products.