Pre Box RS Digital

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is proud to introduce the ultimate DAC/Pre-amp/Headphone amp!

Wien, (PresseBox) - It combines all the features of the DAC Box RS, plus a highly linear, variable preamplifier in Solid- State, Class-A or a selectable tube output stage. Additionally, it features a terrific headphone amplifier with adaptable output impedance for perfect matching to all headphones!

An analogue input allows the user also to connect a turntable to this unit. As with all RS Series components, the Pre Box RS Digital is fully-balanced, with both balanced and RCA input and output.

The I²S interface with separate master clock output makes it the perfect partner for our CD Box RS, with the lowest possible jitter connection!

Some background info on sound:

In all of our top-class digital products, like DAC Box RS (double), Stream Box RS and DAC Box DS (single), we use the TI 1792 24/192 DAC chip combined with a tube output configuration. This DAC chip is the most expensive DAC on the market! A tube output stage, to our ears, is by far the most musical, 'analogue'-like sound available from a digital source. Both the DAC and the tube output section represent a high investment for us, while providing exceptional value for the customer.

Because some listeners do not like tube-smoothness, we added a second output stage in Pure Class-A to provide sound with the impression of more speed!

In the same manner, we also want to get eliminate concerns about 32bit/384kHz DACs. Although there is NO COMMERCIALLY-AVAILABLE MUSIC in this format, the public is screaming about this future ca-pability. So we looked into some of these ultra-high-resolution DACs and realised that in musical terms, nothing comes close to the TI 1792. Most DAC chips sound too forward, with extremely high resolution but less fluidity as the TI 1792. We found a unique solution: to get the best of both worlds, the Pre Box RS Digital exclusively provides BOTH DAC OPTIONS on board, free for selection to meet individual tastes!


The addition of the linear power supply "Power Box RS uni" (retail price €399) adds even more depth and lets the listener hear all the microscopically fine details.

With all these sound options, allied to all the inputs, the Pre Box RS Digital represents the most genuinely 'universal' and future-proof digital Preamp/DAC/Headphone amp on the world market!

The Pre Box RS Digital is now shipping in silver and black.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject Audio Systems Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded by Heinz Lichtenegger 1990 in Vienna, with the idea that analogue playback is the most cost-effective way to listen to music of audiophile quality.

Inspired by the concept of supporting analogue in the face of the digital onslaught, Pro-Ject Audio Systems became one of the most powerful driving forces in reinventing analogue turntables for the hi-fi market. Today, Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the world leader in the manufacture of quality hi-fi turntables, as turntables are once again accepted as a must-have for every concerned music lover. Pro-Ject products are exported to almost 80 countries worldwide and Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the recipient of nearly every award in the audio industry. Pro-Ject produces more than 15 different models to satisfy any taste, wish or requirement of the customer.

Since 2006, PRO-JECT Audio has been bringing its idea "less is more" mission to the digital world. Inspired by the new possibilities of the iPod and high-quality music repro- duction from a PC or laptop, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has designed a complete new and revolutionary range of MICRO HIGH-END Hi-fi components under the family name BOX DESIGN.

Starting with the smallest audiophile amp in the world, with open and euphonic sound, Pro-Ject Audio now produc- es all of the components of traditional hi-fi systems including CD players, tuners, phono amps, head-phone amps and switching modules, as well as digital products such as docking stations, D/A converters and streamers to con- nect with the PC wired or wireless.

All of the components are packaged in Micro 'cigarette pack'-sized boxes, which allows the stacking and mixing of the components according to the needs of the consumer. BOX DESIGN regards itself as the 'next generation of hi- fi' the link between the micro-sized hardware of the IT world and the big boxes of the audiophile world. All products, except for speakers and headphones, are designed and produced in Europe.

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