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Gasunie Transport Services and connected German TSOs announce plans to bundle all cross-border capacity via PRISMA

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- Additional day-ahead bundles at the Dutch-German border to be offered from 28 January 2014
- Dutch-German cross-border bundling is a further major step towards an integrated European gas market

The Dutch TSO Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) and its connected German TSOs Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services (GUD), Fluxys TENP, GASCADE Gastransport, Gastransport Nord (GTG Nord), Open Grid Europe (OGE) and Thyssengas (TG) will offer bundled capacity at all of their cross-border interconnection points as of 28 January 2014. The bundled products will connect the Dutch VTP Title Transfer Facility (TTF) with the German VTP's of NetConnect Germany (NCG) and Gaspool.

The TSOs agreed to have a stepwise development in offering bundled products at all their network points with the aim to have a smooth transition to a situation where firm capacity is offered in a fully bundled way. This way market parties are given the opportunity to adapt to the new situation.

From 28 January 2014, all day-ahead capacity will be offered as bundled capacity via PRISMA. Monthly capacity will be offered as a bundled product from September 2014 and quarterly capacity will be offered bundled in June 2014. The first bundled auction of yearly capacity will take place in March 2015. Consequently, yearly capacity at the Dutch-German border (for contracts beginning in October 2014) will be remain unbundled in this year's capacity auctions, taking place on PRISMA in March 2014.

This means that as of September 2014, for all firm product categories, capacity at the Dutch-German border will be bundled according to the CAM Network Code. The alignment of cross-border capacity products between Germany and the Netherlands will support the connection of the European gas markets.

The following cross-border points will be bundled: Oude Statenzijl L-Gas (GUD and GTG Nord), Oude Statenzijl H-Gas (GUD, OGE, GASCADE), Zevenaar/Elten (OGE, Thyssengas), Winterswijk/Vreden (OGE), Tegelen (OGE), Bocholtz (OGE, Fluxys TENP), Bocholtz Vetschau (Thyssengas).

GTS and Fluxys will announce their plans for further capacity bundling in due time.

PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH

PRISMA was founded by major European TSOs from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands with the aim to create a joint European capacity platform.

The new European Platform PRISMA, which was launched in April 2013, is the first platform to have implemented ENTSOG's Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms, the future market rules for allocating transport capacity.

There are currently 28 European TSOs from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain connected to the platform and market transport capacity via PRISMA.

With its harmonised capacity products and auction mechanisms and its ability to serve a high number of TSO backend systems in accordance with ENTSOG's CAM Network Code, PRISMA primary is a major step towards an integrated European gas market.