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PREMO RFID shows its newest components for RFID applications in Germany

(PresseBox) (Barcelona, ) PREMO RFID will present its new products in the 6th Annual Global RFID-ROI Summit 2008, will be celebrated from 29th until 30th January 2008 in Munich (Germany). This fair brings together the main technology and RFID solutions providers. The visitors will have the opportunity of discovering the real ROI behind RFID implementation.

The company will show its experience in developing a traceability and production control that is developing with the Spanish CERLER. This system allows the reading and writing (of results) along the process (separating production stock, establishing traceability in the whole plant (from the first assembly processes up to customer delivery…) and it is capable of working with different standards such as 13,56MHz (ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, ISO18000-3, RFID-EPC).

Besides, PREMO RFID exhibits its wide RFID products range among them, the next highlight:

- HARSH-TAG, a reliable solution in UHF band radio frequency identification (866 MHz to 954 MHz Global) even over metallic objects such as containers, pallets... The tag inside is fully EPC Gen 2 compatible, with 96 bits of free memory for user data, and plastic enclosure comply IP68 and UL94 V-0 flame-resistant.

- Newest 3D antenna size 11X11 mm with a low profile. It is recommended for RKES and RFID access system integrating 3D identification. It is suitable for SMD mounting offering a flat surface for pick&place. There are antennas availables for 20khz, 125khz and 134.5Khz applications.

- PREMO has developed an antenna for 5.5khz safety sports applications, it is recommended for sportsmen and skin-diver. It allows remote sportman’s heart rate and oxygen tank monitoring system. Nowadays, samples size 15x3mm and 15x15mm (3D coil format).

70% of the Premo Group revenues comes from foreign markets. PREMO is in the German market for ten years, and 10 per cent of the total of their invoicing takes place in the sector of the passive electronic components in this country. Between, its mains customers are automotive market supplier such as Marquardt, Siemens VDO or Delphi.

Premo RFID held an important share on the world market of transponder coils for automotive applications with a 70 % of the market in TPMS and 35 % in KES. The new PREMO RFID System offers solutions for presence control, access control, shows entry identification and control, library and documentation managements; logistic management; ware house inventory and stock; production control, loyalty cards... and solutions for different sectors as banks, hospitals, textil, automotive, chesmestries, meat, agricultures industries, etc.